Yoga Tools

This is the first lesson I teach everyone when they come to yoga class:

Look at your own eyes in the mirror.

Simple, but not easy.


Toes and heels touching.

Look at yourself in the mirror. 

Lift your chin up. Relax your shoulders. Stomach in. Spine straight.

Look back into your own eyes. Don’t look away.

Hips a little bit forward open up your hips and pelvis. Upper body back, open up your chest and rib cage.

Please, look at your self in the mirror. Gaze into your own eyes and resist the urge to look away.

Soften your gaze and scan your body with your eyes.

Come back to meet your own eyes in the mirror.

Don’t look away. 

There your are. I see you. 

The mirror is a tool. You can’t heal yourself if you can’t even bare to look at yourself. 

Some days will be easier than others. You just have to keep looking up and forward at yourself. 



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