The countdown is on.

I start yoga teacher training on SUNDAY.

I am beginning to get nervous. I’m more than excited, but as any change in typical life for your family may occur….. here come the thoughts…

The Mom thoughts.. How to keep your entire life balanced. How to take care of yourself, and take care of everyone else. The process you have to go through to figure out how to make everything work… 

Laying in bed thinking… 

Are the boys to young for me to spend so much time away from them?

Will this be overwhelming for me to try and concentrate on learning when I have a family to take care of as well?

Will this overwhelm your husband when he realizes all the things you do in a day to keep this ship sailing?

Will it hurt or strengthen your relationship with your husband when he learns how hard it is to be the default parent?

Can I actually stop being the default parent?

It’s only 3 weeks.

You will see them every morning.

People travel for their jobs, Britt.

Will they start to be sad that they don’t spend as much time with me?

Mom guilt holler.

They will probably be fine. It’s me that might not be fine?

But how could I not be fine, I’m working on my dream! I’m making a better life for my family but learning a job that I know I could love.

How can I be nervous when I wanted to do this for years?

I want to help people.

I want to teach the boys to help people.

I need to do this.

I am doing this.

Anticipation is my nightmare.

I have every day covered accept for Mondays.

I need to ask people for help. Just be like listen, I have a dream. I need some mother trucking support.

Will my Dad come down and help?

I hate not living near my family.

I need them.

Having kids and living away from your family is the worst.

It’s never enough time.

Especially when you need them.

I have to do this.

I could be really good at this.

I want to help others be happy.

We can make anything work for 3 weeks.



Brain dumped out.


Back to memorizing HALF MOON POSE. We have to present it on the first day of training.


It’s okay to be nervous. Nervous and excited go hand in hand. Deep breaths. Make a plan. Ask for help. Get excited. Let the thoughts come and then just let them go.


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