Yoga Jamboree: So it begins.

I love teaching movement. 

A sedentary lifestyle would not serve my mental health well. 

So it’s a good fit. 

I also speak kid.

Therefore, I especially enjoy teaching movement to children. 

Because it’s so much more than teaching movement. 

Yoga is a platform in which I can help impact my community in a positive way. 

Recently, the universe slapped me in the face and told me I was going the wrong way.

Wisdom comes in the most unlikeliest of sources, i.e. failure. When you land at rock bottom, there is a remarkable opportunity. You see rock bottom can be a strong foundation in which to build.

The final part of any type of healing is to share it to help others.

I’ve always enjoyed working at a school, yet so much time is spent on trying to push schools forward into 2019. 

All signs pointed to it was time to create something of my own. Therefore, I am excited to share that I am opening my own company: Yoga Jamboree.

This is the culmination of things that have been brewing inside me for as long as I can remember.

I was fortunate to get to hear the district attorney speak about leadership this winter and he said if he had a dollar to solve the drug epidemic, he would put 25 cents to recovery and 75 cents to prevention. 

This statement resonated with me. 

Recovery services is such an important thing! But the flip side of it, is what are we doing differently to the upcoming generation as far as preparing them for life as a whole? Teaching them how to take care of themselves and to be able to navigate the really tough emotional parts of life that EVERY single one of us goes through. 

Yoga isn’t specifically about recovery, but it is about prevention. Preventing sickness and disease through self care and healthy habits. Creating a resilient mindset and an awareness of who you are.

Yes, I want to be part of the messaging and I want it to be real and I want it to be positive. 

Here are the core values of Yoga Jamboree:

Self Care.

I fill my cup.


Humans are humans.


Can I walk in your shoes please?


I am fun.


I am love.


Thank you is a super power.

So I’m on a mission:

To support kids in developing a healthy set of tools to be able to regulate their emotions and manage stress. Building connection, confidence, and a growth mindset through yoga, meditation, workshops, and other various jamborees. Empowering a healthy, happier Cape Cod by helping our youth build solid, resilient foundations of who they are.

Here are the 8 reasons I feel as though teaching kids yoga and teen workshops on self care is the next step on my journey:

8. I like kids better than adults. They are more honest and way more fun.  Adults are constantly distracted by nonsense and forget to look around at how cool the world is. 

7. Yoga is the most effective tool I’ve found to regulate my emotions and manage my stress. I would like to share that with people and preferably at a young age. 

6. All of us are born with a light in us. As we grow up, we let the world dull the light. We get judged. We get rejected. We get teased. Slowly the vibrancy of your open heart becomes happy childhood memories and something you hide away.

Therefore this light eventually turns into simmering coals. 

Well I want to give kids tools to fan their flame. To rekindle the fire as life throws them pain, heartache, and shame. Because it’s coming, because we are all humans. 

5. I already own a children’s parachute and have an art hutch with an absurd amount of craft supplies. 

4. I love team sports and love the idea of coaching. Yet, yoga appeals to me more because some kids aren’t interested in team sports and that’s okay. The best news is that yoga is for everybody. Literally, everyone with a body. 

3. Yoga is a set of tools to be able to take charge of your physiological and psychological state. AKA CALM DOWN.

We tell kids to calm down sit down, be quiet, stand like sheep, sit like sheep. Yet, do we actually give our kids a lot of tools on how to calm down? 

Some high energy kids need actual tools and exercises to learn how to calm down their central nervous system. ADHD kids holler if you hear me. I got you. 

 2. So fun.

1. I am here to positively impact the situation. 





Green Briar Nature Center





Hot Yoga Jamboree for the Adults

9:30 AM Bikram Yoga Brewster  

5: 30 PM Hot Yoga Cape Cod



B Free Coaching and Wellness



Luke’s Love Playground



Hire me to come teach your group, birthday party, or speak at an event! Contact for availability and pricing.



Prior registration is required! Go to Evoke Yoga & Cycle to reserve your spot!


Follow me on Social Media for schedule updates and events.



In conclusion, wish me luck! Love you!


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  1. Hi, I think this is so badass and desperately needed. Feel like I’m in a relentless battle with smartphones and videogames for my children’s souls (mine too to lesser extent if I’m being honest). Would absolutely love to get my sons to give yoga a shot but I’d have to drug them with an elephant tranquilizer at this point to get them there because they would resist mightily. I will try anyway though. Just wanted to wish you the absolute best of luck with this and sincerely thank you for making this happen.

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