Writer’s Block Cured By Friendship

I’m a crossroads.



*please pretend bone thugs in harmony is singing in the background*


Seriously though, i’ve been doing some REAL LIFE shizz this Summer. Working on my marriage. Loving the crap outta my kids. Trying to decide how my career should grow, what direction to head in.

Heavy business.

Although writing and yoga might be the cure to my dark soul, it was stuff that couldn’t be on my blog.

Therefore, I haven’t been posting on here very much.

I know, terrible.

Last week I sat down to write.


The next night I tucked my kids in, sat down to write… played candy crush for two hours on my deck by candle light.

The following night, I got home from teaching yoga class and I took all my endorphins and challenged myself to write.

I tucked my kids in, kissed them goodnight. Light a candle. Locked myself in the unfinished mud room so that there could be no distractions around me.

Opened a new draft…

Ended up watching Tony Robbins TED talk for the 20th time. Did 500 sit ups and talked to my sister on the phone for 57 minutes.

You get the picture.

Every time I sat down to write. I would just stare at my sad old MAC and frown.

Writer’s block.

Is that what you call it?

Either way, it’s for the birds.


But just as luck may have it, I recieved the very best cure for writer’s block today. Which ¬†everyone knows is intense emotion! Either postitive or negative. They both do the trick!

Lucky for me, it was positive emotion today.

Today my friend Sassy handed me a book in my backyard.

A couple things…

First, there are so many more pages of the book, I had to just pick some favorites. I laughed the entire time I read it.

Secondly, I would definitely have Johnny Depp play me in the movie of my life.

Third, there are not a lot of times in my life that I felt speechless in my life. Typically, I talk more when i’m nervous. Yet there I was. No words. Just so very happy for my friends. So grateful they are in my life. So confused to this day what I did to deserve such wonderful people in my life.



So obviously I said no thanks..


Just kidding!


Nothing in the world could make me happier to stand up and support the people who always support me. I’m thankful everyday to be a part of your stone cold pack of weirdos.



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