Woman Crush Wednesday: Amy Schumer is My Spirit Animal.

 The internet says WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY?

ALRIGHT, I’ll bite.

I love women. I’m straight. But I have a solid appreciation for beautiful women. I have an even stronger appreciation for awesome women. My #1 lady lover crush has always been Kerri Walsh Jennings. Olympian/ Kick ass Mom. Who wins gold medals in-between having babies? For any of you who don’t know. This is her abridged biography.

Wins gold medal in 2004 in Athens with her teammate Misty. They didn’t lose a single set.

Wins a gold medal in Bejing with Misty as her teammate. Once again, they don’t lose a single set.

Pops out TWO sons. One is 2009 and one in 2010.

Then gets back to training to win ANOTHER gold medal in the London 2012 games.

Oh, and it has been confirmed that she was 5 weeks pregnant during the 2012 games.

She is a Super human.
The only event I was winning to gold in at 5 weeks pregnant was throwing up and peeing my pants at the same time. Here I am congratulating myself for getting out and pushing the stroller 4x per week. Hahaha. Giving myself a serious pat on the back each time I complete my normal parental responsibilities like a decent human.
Oh Kerri, I bow down. Get your daughters to idolize people who do things. People who work hard. People who take care of themselves. Get rid of the Kim Kardashian’s of the world and replace them with strong women. Gosh this makes me want to set some goals for myself today. Thanks Kerri. Your super human olympic sized dream accomplishing life has inspired me to make a to-do list and get it done. I will make that dentist appointment I’ve been putting off, thank you very much.

Seriously though. Super human. Is every one in love with her right now? Or is that just me?


Alas, I feel like I have a new woman crush these days.

Amy Schumer. OH my. How hard you make me laugh. Where have you been all my life? I actually wish I was sitting at a bar with you right now.

I just love Amy Schumer. I’m not normally all that interested in celebrities. I like going to concerts, but I really don’t care who that musician is dating. I kind of giggle when the Comcast on demand screen plays the clip of all the people winning the Taylor Swift tickets. It’s like cute little girls jumping up and down. Then it changes quickly to a 30 something year old woman jumping up down. Not cute. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some T Swift dance parties. If I won her tickets I would be pumped. But I would do a celebration dance alone in my house like a respectable middle aged woman would do. Oh wait, I’m not middle aged. Unless I die at 60. Whoa. That just got dark fast. Let’s get back on track.
The point is I don’t love her in the way I loved Justin Timberlake in a white shirt on a bed in a warehouse telling me it’s tearing up my heart when I’m with you.

7th grade overweight super fan Brittany would have sold her little sister for tickets to see Justin. Sorry Abby.
But I digress..

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but lately I have found myself watching Amy Schumers show on Comedy Central. If I’m going to have a celebrity woman crush its got to be Amy Schumer. I can’t help but love her honesty. Sometimes I just feel like so many people in this world and full of bullshit. I love her and I can only hope one day we become best friends. Put it on the bucket list.
Actually, I just admire people who aren’t afraid to be themselves. Who don’t let the opinions of others be the reason they do things. Just remember, “normal” isn’t a real thing.
You see, being raised in an irish catholic family is exhausting when you don’t belong. The way of the irish catholics is to bottle that shit up. Shove those emotions down. So one day you either explode or turn to alcoholism or both. It wasn’t good for me to feel like I had to pretend to be okay for so long. You never heal that way. You definitely don’t grow that way.
So as an adult making life choices daily, I enjoy honesty these days. Even when it isn’t pretty. Not sweeping problems under the rug. Not trying to keep up appearances. Just loving myself for how beautifully flawed I am.  Life is hilarious. Human behavior is hilarious. Every one is just so beautifully flawed. I like to celebrate it. Whatever makes you weird, is probably your best asset.

When I see Amy Schumer say things like this:

I can’t help but applaud.

Self esteem and self awareness are so important. It’s basically the key to learning how you find your “happy” in life. If you can laugh at yourself, you can do anything. Her message is so powerful. We are all so critical of ourselves and that carries a heavy burden. It feels good to just laugh at it and set it free.



Can we all agree to just shut up about “are women funny?”

Okay one more time!

Amy, Call me if you need to interview a Mom blogger who has had her ups and downs with postpartum depression. I may know someone…


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