I have just had A DAY.


So today it all began.

Yoga teacher training has officially begun.

By begun I mean, I pulled the trigger.

PAID in full. Met with the teacher. So this bad Larry of a life experience is happening.


I went to 8 AM Bikram yoga class. My body is out of shape and foreign to me. Prior to having my children I did three straight years of multiple times a week consistent yoga practice. That studio was my pause. My happy place. My time out from adult world.

If you are like me and your brain is always firing it is both beautiful and exhausting. So the idea of being able to actually slow myself down and concentrate would have been a silly concept to Britt 10 years ago.

I went to Bikram yoga to get skinny and because some orthopedic surgeon suggested it.

Yet I came out so very different.

I wasn’t skinny, I was strong.

I taught my brain to focus

I found an activity that had benefited mentally, physically, and emotionally. I learned ireaplacable lessons. I feel cliche even saying that, but it’s the truth.


The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. 


-I’m a moody broad and I need to exercise.

-This has always been your secret dream and now is happening down the street. When you already have the summer off from work because you work at a school.

– You are super nervous to not be with your boys M-F for 3 weeks. 8am-11pm

GASP. Yes I said it.

I’m going to camp.

Yoga camp.

My job end 6/18. I have one full month with my kiddos. Where we can snuggle, go to the beach, run in the sprinkler, eat ice cream, swim, dance, laugh, hug.

Then I will be gone M-F. For 3 weeks.

Now logical Britt brain knows that many parents are deployed in the military, travel for work, or share custody with the other parent. It all makes perfect sense.

Yet I’m nervous. Only because their typical routine is that I don’t do that.

They will be 3 years old and 2 years old. I know, still little babes!

Yet, maybe they aren’t? Maybe I don’t give my homies enough credit.


Because their Dad will build houses on Martha’s Vineyard for his job. Will wake up before it is light, drive 30 mins to the ferry, ride the boat, drive to job site, work ass off, repeat beginning in reverse, come home. He does this so we have a good life. He is the hardest working human being I’ve ever witnessed up close. So when I open the boys door in the morning and they are like, “DAD!!!” and I’m say, “He’s already at work!” Then Jack says, “NO!!!” and throws himself down on his bed dramatically.

It’s like they already ¬†have a respect for their hard working Dad. I see it every day. They adore him.

That Dad doesn’t want to leave us for all the hours of daylight at times. But he does want to support us, love us, care for us, and a million other reasons. For that I will always love him.

Yet this guy who busts his ass, can also get on board with my dreams.


Maybe if you treat your family like a team, you will have a higher chance of life victory.

A team is a group of awesome people who take turns carrying each other. People who are dedicated to the same cause.


I better myself. We get better.

I take care of myself and I can give more to you.

I’m not going anywhere boys!

I’m just getting started, making our life awesome.


Met with the teacher. Everything just kept falling into place. Everything felt right.


Somebody’s Mother and Gracious conquer Motherhood and yoga teacher training 2016










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