I’m getting on a plane in 20 days, flying across the country, and spending 5 days sitting on southern California beach.

No kids. No husband. No dog. No 11 special needs students who depend on me. No reports to write. No house. No crazy rich lady neighbors. No dishes. No bridal showers. No doctor’s appointments. No weather checking and storm planning. No being snowed inside my house for long periods of time with my two toddlers while my husband is out plowing.

Oh wait…Disclaimer. Don’t be confused. I’m not complaining. I love my life. If I didn’t like my life….. I would CHANGE it! Because that’s just common sense. If you don’t like your every day life, you should start making small positive changes to alter it’s course. I.e. Making new friends, going on a trip, working out, eating better, drinking more water, paying attention to your spouse more, get a new job. Whatever your deal is.

Just because I love my life, doesn’t mean I don’t need a little TLC. A little reboot of my batteries. My baby Daddy goes up to Maine every November with all the guys. People would say to me while I was pregnant, “OHHHH I guess your husband won’t be going up to Maine anymore once the kids come.” I always found that odd. Mostly because I think it’s important that he goes. He is a crazy working man. He deserves one week to just do what he wants to do. I think every body deserves that. It would be another story if your husband was like, “Yaaa… I gotta recharge my  batteries every night at the strip club with our children’s college fund.” Within reason, we all need healthy outlets, to recharge us from the every day grind of adult life.

It’s the same thing with getting together with your friends. We all acknowledge that our lives have drastically changed. That the regular after work nights of sitting down on the boat in the marina, drinking miller lites, and eating pizza with your friends the Smandersons after work are long gone. Now a days it’s more like I pour myself a glass of Moscato and sit down on a lawn chair in my yard to watch the sunset and all the sudden get cranked in the head with Thomas the train. Just to turn around and see the cutest creature in the world put both of his hands up and say, “Momma. I show you.” with a cheshire cat smile. You can’t even be mad. He’s too glorious. Still, you put your hand on your head and realize, yup. You’re bleeding.

In the end, I guess you just have to prioritize the people you love. That’s all you can do.  Put some effort into relationships that matter to you. I hear the word “busy” too much. I’m on the campaign to stop the glorification of busy.

Be responsible.

Prioritize your kids.

Pay your bills.

Then after that, have a little fun.


So how do I have fun? What shall I do with my 5 days. I’m thinking….

Cali sunsets, siblings, fires, bikes,yoga, vitamin D, spontaneous dance parties, messing with the cat a bit, wine, scrabble, and bathing suits.

20 DAYS.

Just because I love being a Mom doesn’t mean I should feel guilty saying, “damn I need a small break. Dear husband please support me.” Having toddlers is hard. If you are clear and direct about what you need, dear husband says, of course. He is a smart man, he knows the Mom losing her mind is not beneficially for the family. She keeps this ship afloat.

So I’m leaving on a jet plan very soon! This is officially vacation excitement. I have not been on a plane since I was pregnant with son #1! All this excitement has got me reminicsing of my favorite vacations past.


Let’s Do a Quick TOP 10 Britt Adventures:


Bachelorette adventure. Long weekend in the dirty south. I must say, traveling with 8 women that you spent most of your childhood with is pretty fun. I just distinctly remember petting a police horse on Bourbon St. (The officer offered) and thinking, “Wow every one is so much nicer down here.” No Massachusetts police officer would ever let me pet their horse. Yes offense every one I know and love.








Camping with my entire family.So many games.So much laughing.







Reading on the beach after work. Never knowing where my shoes were when I had to go to work. It was the only time I had to wear them. Dark streets because the island can’t have street lights because it would mess up the turtles who follow the moon when they mate. I think that’s right? I’m not in the mood to fact check that right now. You’re going to have to trust the drunk person at the beach bar who just competed with me in a hoola hoop contest that told me that little fun fact about the island!

Either way the streets were dark but always warm. Some nights warm rain was a good feeling after waitressing all night. Maybe it could even wash the ketchup off the back of your calf that you hadn’t notice yet. Some nights you wouldn’t make it all three blocks home because friends would be on porches. So “I guess I could stop in.” turns into late phone calls of “Hey Britt, Its your sister. Call me and let me know you are not lost or stolen.” Oh shit you say. Lost track of time. But they have a puppy, trampoline, and some guy is playing the guitar. It’s like Britt bait.

It was a year of the beach and the two people I needed the most. As well as a cast of some of the nicest people i’ve ever met to this day. And believe me when I say, I’ve met a lot of people in my travels.

Wow. Now I feel like I have to go visit Charleston. God dammit I’m a good salesman to myself.

Anyways, good people, good times.



Our first parents excursion sans kids. Enough said.






Honey Mooning. This trips was given to us as a wedding gift. Jaw on ground. Nicest thing any one has ever done for me. It holds so many of my favorite memories. We went exactly one month after our wedding. So in St. Marteen, it donned on me that I was pregnant. Five pregnancy tests from the pharmecia later we were both sitting in silence in the condo living room. Then we both kinda started laughing and I was like, “Shit you know it’s going to be a girl.”

Nice Mother’s intuition Beavis.




Took Ben in my belly across the country to hang with the Sister. Last vacation relax before the birth storm.





Carefree days with the guy I love best.




Dad took us on vacation in the Fall that my parents were getting divorced. So therefore, my Mom took us on vacation that Winter. Considering I had only been on a plane once in my first 18 years of life, I was all about it. You can definitely try and buy my love if it means I get to check out the world.

All joking about childhood pain aside! It was the first time I had flown to another country. Seen things I had only read about in school.






Road tripping up the coast of Maine. Camping in Bar Harbor I remember thinking to myself, “I’m defintely going to marry this dude.”








I am grateful that I live somewhere that people pay to vacation. Being able to run to the beach from my house is something I genuinely love. Lobster pots, marina hang outs, clamming,lighthouses, canal walks, beach yoga, bridges to be leaped off of. No it is not a perfect place, but it’s a good place for me.

But again, just to review. I love my family, but I need a break. Sorry I’m that not sorry!

Tonight after getting home at 10 PM from work, I go to crawl into bed and finally rest my head after a long day. I quickly realize my entire pillow is soaking wet and El Bandito had been in our bed spooning my husband and licking my pillow. AWESOME.

Get up new pillow case.

Close eyes one more time.

Breath in count to 7. Hold your breath count to 8. Breath out count to 3.

“Mom. Mooooommmmm. MOMMMM. Moooom. My belly puked in my bed. Jack in my bed.”

Take a deep breath. Roll out of bed so begrugingly. Throw a balled up pair of socks at your peacefully sleeping husband just cause you feel like it.

Open the door. Both your toddlers are in one crib. One has thrown up. The other is sitting in it.

Mom on.


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