Top 10 Reasons I Love Bikram Yoga

Top 10 Reasons I Love Bikram Yoga

Top 10 Reasons I Love Bikram Yoga


Bikram Yoga Cape Cod is my happy place.


Why? Too many reasons to count! Let’s start with 10.

10. Endorphin release.


9. Skin Detox.

After giving birth to this Smudgy baby, I developed what they call “chicken skin” all over my arm and shoulders. Coming off of two years of pregnancy hormones is… not pretty. Okay, well it wasn’t pretty for me. It wasn’t the smoothest landing. But either way, my skin was bumpy.


For two years, it got better. Then worse. I did diet changes. Different scrubs, lotions, whatever I could find to keep Target in business. The month that Smudgy turned 2, I started the Yogasport teacher training. During week 3 of the immersion in which we were doing two Bikram classes every day, I looked down and realized it was all gone. Not exaggerating, I was like oh shit, my 24 year old arm decided to show back up. Nice.

8. Postpartum Body Repair. When I was in the 7th grade a Doctor told my parents that I needed back surgery. That although it didn’t need to be done today, if never done, there would be repercussions. For example it would be extremely painful and bad for my skeletal system to become pregnant one day and carry all the weight on my lower abdomen.

Well lucky for me. I did have 2 rods and 4 bolts put in my spine 15 years ago.  Because my children were both 10 lbs man beasts at birth. I had to sit on a frozen bag of peas every night for the last couple months of Benny Benjamin. The pressure felt like I was being kicked in the vagina constantly. Then when Ben was 4 months old, I got pregnant with the smudgy baby. Around month number 8 there was a 3 day period that I couldn’t stand up. My back was in that much pain. I only left the house to go to the chiropractor.


Needless to say, after two years of being pregnant with man beasts, my body needed some physical therapy LOVE. It needed Bikram.


7. Mental Focus. Physical health and mental/emotional health are all attached. We all know this now, correct? Excellent. Execute physical postures while practicing mental toughness. Release control. Release your wandering mind. Release your bitching about the temperature. Just follow the words. So simple, but not easy!

Then one day you see this practice start to have ripple effects in your daily life. Staying calm. Focusing. Being present.

6.  Heart & Lungs working together. Google “leading cause of death.” Then maybe you will put some thought into the benefits of exercising these two homies. What could be better than strengthen the organs/systems that pump blood and oxygen where it needs to go?

5. No cell phone. I leave my phone in my car. technology is fine. Look at me, I have a blog and a bunch of social media accounts. But you know what else I do? Put that shit away. Have just straight good old fashion human interactions. Enter the Yoga studio. Put this crazy busy modern day life on pause.

People are too attached to their phones these days. It creeps me out. If you texted me 3 hours ago and I have still not responded, just know that I probably don’t know where my phone is and that i’m out living my life. It’s great to use technology to make communication more efficient! Wonderful. Just make sure you are taking time to just be in the room that you are sitting in.

4. Self Care. Your body is your vehicle. You should probably take care of it. The other day in class, T as in Tom said , “this practice re-organizes your body.” It’s true. Shoulders pulled back a little more. Core stronger. Spine straighter. Hips forward. Skin flushed out. Neck stretched. Blood circulating. You walk out the door and feel what your body is suppose to feel like. You start to think to yourself, hmm.. my body felt really crappy before and I didn’t even realize it. I didn’t even know how good I could feel.  

It also teaches you how to hydrate your body properly. How to prioritize hydration. Which hello? Water is your bodies gasoline!

3. Breathing. Breathing techniques that help you slow your heart rate and calm yourself. I can’t think of a life skill more important than that.

2. Community. A group of  people who see each other to focus on a common theme of wanting to take care of themselves. People who prioritize health and wellness. Yes, I get to chat in the mornings with some pretty glorious human beings. It’s fun to be around happy people.

  1. Energy. Do a 90 minute cardiovascular class in a heated room and end up with twice as much energy as you came with. It’s wizardly for sure.

You don’t believe me? Just try it. You’ll see.




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  1. Couldn’t agree more!! I appreciate Bikram Yoga now as a mom so much more than I ever thought possible. Total mind, body, spirit love 🙂

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