Tips for Traveling Alone with a Baby



Landed in Dallas and I’ve learned some very valuable lessons I want to compile for you all for when traveling alone with a baby.

1. Don’t drink anything AT ALL. You do not want to stuff yourself inside an airplane bathroom with a baby.

2. If you’re flying Southwest and you get to pick your seat ALWAYS ask the flight attendant if it’s a full flight. If not, commandeer the seat next to you and pretend you paid for it.

3. ALWAYS bring yourself an extra set of clothes. I’ve been pooped on, thrown up on and peed on more times than I can count.

4. Bring a blanket for the baby to use ON the plane and one to lay out on during layovers. (You don’t want that nasty blanket you use on the airport floor wrapping up your baby after)

5. Sit near a friendly face. Make sure the person smiles BEFORE you sit down. You’ll most likely have to change a diaper on your lap since the bathrooms are so small and you don’t want a creeper in your bubble.

6. Bring an inflatable neck pillow. Available at the brookstone store in the airport. $40 and worth every cent. It acts as a mini boppy and the baby can get some of their own space on your lap. Much needed.

7.  Pack 79 packets of individual wrapped formula and/or the premixed bottles. HUGE time and space saver. And God forbid you get stuck somewhere you DO NOT want the panic of not having formula weighing on you.

8. Wear easy to slip on/off shoes for security. If you remember socks great. If not, suck it up and scold your feet in hot water when you reach your destination.

9. FEED THE BABY ON DECENT (aka going down) to help soothe their ears. This is a MUST.

Okay I gotta run. Have a flight to board with a sleeping baby in a front carrier. Oh yeah–bring a front carrier. 😘



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