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The Most Important Item on Your Baby Registry

Do not underestimate the power of a good jogging stroller! Put it on your registry. It could save your life.It’s one thing not to cheap out on.






The regular double strollers are fine. I had a GRACO one that a friend let me use. I was fortunate to have both types of strollers. But once you have two kids, you need to be careful if you are exercising with the stroller. A regular stroller will not be as kind to your back when pushing that much weight of kids. Which is such a sensitive area after having a baby. Back problems tend to be common in pregnancy, from all that weight extra weight on your belly. Therefore you have to be kind to your body when rebuilding your core.

If you have two kids who need to be in the stroller. Jogging stroller is the way to go! Jogging strollers help alleviate that weight. You don’t need to spend a million dollars, but you do need to find a quality stroller that will save your life during days of teething.

Taking your baby for a walk during the postpartum months is probably the best thing that you can do for both you and your baby. Vitamin D, Checking out the world, exercise, nature, fresh air, soothing vibration to the passengers.



Bad days can be cured by strapping every one in! When you just can’t be inside your home any longer, but your kids may be not feeling well, teething ect. It’s a perfect time to go for a walk. Dress every one appropriately for the weather and head on out until every one calms down.

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If you get a comfy one, the baby may like to sit and take in the scene while you get to enjoy a sandwich.

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You can get different wheels that allow you to go wherever your heart desires. Believe me, your kids want to be outside.

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I know starting a baby registry when you have no idea what to get is pretty overwhelming. It’s always good to do a little research and check out what people have to say about the different products. So I’ll get you started. Head on over to Best Jogging Strollers of 2016 over at Mommas Baby. They review all kinds of other products on the site as well! Very

Read about strollers. Check the comments. Ask your friends.

It is definitely essential if you have two very small children.



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