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New Life, New Body, Welcome to Motherhood

  Everyone’s always blabbing on about baby weight. Don’t get me wrong the baby weight is at times an unavoidable truth that’s hanging out. Literally, hanging out of the top of your jeans. Muffin top high five! My husband and I were having a gentleman’s crown and ginger at the kitchen table the other night […]

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Mom's Mental Health
Positive Mind, Positive Life

Mom’s Mental Health Monday

You can’t take care of every one else if you don’t take care of you. Think about it. You need your body to be running at optimal performance if you are going to give the most to those you love best.   HERE ARE SOME QUICK TIPS OF HOW TO KEEP YOUR MENTAL HEALTH RUNNING […]

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Change My Body, Change My Life

2012 vs. 2015 You know how Steve Urkel stepped into his invention and turned himself in Stefan? Old dorky Steve Urkel gets in and swish bam boom he changes his own DNA and comes out a suave cool mother f-er alter ego, who actually gets to date Laura. Well that’s what pregnancy did to me […]

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