Stop Telling Me Why You Can’t Do Yoga! LOVE, Your Plus Size Yoga Teacher

Stop telling me why you can’t do yoga.

I don’t want to hear it.
“I’m not flexible.” You say.
“It’s not your thing.” You shrug.
“I don’t like the heat.” You sneer.
First off. I’m sad for you and your unwillingness to ever go outside your comfort zone. But I respect your right to choose how to live your life!
“I don’t want to.” is a perfectly acceptable answer. I respect the honesty.
But seriously?
“I’m not flexible.”
Don’t say that. You aren’t supposed to be flexible. That’s why you go to yoga!!
So silly.
“It’s not your thing.”
What’s your thing? Being old and decrepit when you are retired? Generations continue to have children later and later in life. Which means we will have less and less time with our own grandchildren. DO you aspire to be able to play with them? 
“I don’t like the heat.”
Listen, you pristine house cat. That’s the point. It takes you out of your comfort zone. It takes you out of your element. Do you know how gratifying the feeling is of pushing through something? A fear, discomfort, awkwardness, done repeatedly until all those words fade away. To feel how powerful and capable your body is designed to be.
The heat is a tool. 
“I’ve tried it before. Didn’t like it.”
Did you know there are 10 zillion ways to do yoga? The Sanskrit word yuj means to yoke or bind and is often interpreted as “union” or a method of discipline. That’s it. That’s where the word yoga derives from.
There a many many type of different yoga classes you can take part in. They are all beneficial and offer different things to your body and mind. I personally like the hot yoga due to the lack of flexibility and past surgeries i’ve had. The heat helps me stretch. But you will find whatever works best for you!
Deciding you will never give another yoga class a try because of one experience or teacher is just silly business. You are a logical adult. Don’t be so quick to judge.
If you think I’m being hard on you.
I am.
Don’t be a wimp. 
Just cause something doesn’t come easily to you, you just write it off.
I only say this stuff because it’s the whole reason that I became a yoga teacher in the first place. To help someone else find what I had found.
To help heal people.
I love teaching yoga. I like cheering for people.
I am not thin. Nor am I trendy with yoga outfits. I definitely don’t belong in the stereotypical teacher category. I don’t look like this:
You will find more of this:
And that’s perfectly okay with me. You see in the Yoga world the goal is to be who you are. Not some culturally pressured version of yourself. Nope. Just come as you are.
  • You see, when I was 15 years old they cut open my entire back and fused rods to my spin.
It’s funny, I used to be so ashamed. So self conscious of this scar.
How will I hide this massive ugly scar in my prom dress? 
Now that it is a faded distant memory, I don’t mind it at all. Now I think of it as a sign.
A sign drawn across my whole body to remind people, come at me bro.
None of your nonsense matters.
I’m a god damn warrior.
The creator of my own destiny.
A reminder that you can always rebuild yourself.
I like to tell small children that it’s where they cut my fin off at birth.
  • Secondly, I weigh 210 lbs. I’m 5’9. I’ve got what the rappers call, junk in the trunk.
I am dense and muscular. To be honest, i’ve always weighed more than I look. I’m built for athletics.
Even when I had no fat on my body when I was getting married I was 170 lbs.
Therefore, I only know my weight from when I go to the doctor. I just don’t see the point.
This winter I gave up alcohol from New year’s Eve until my March vacation. I have also been doing a lot of yoga. In these past couple months of health and wellness I  have dropped a whole pant size, yet gain 7 lbs. See what I mean?
The number is meaningless.
Stop looking for data and start figuring out what makes you feel better.
But no matter what way I spin it. The truth is always that…
I’m on the bottom row of the human pyramid, always.
I’m a big fine woman.
Turns out that looking like this:
Doesn’t actually mean you are a better or worse teacher or student.
So I mean no disrespect to this lady, she is beautiful and probably awesome. Yet the point remains that physical appearance has little to no play in determining if someone is an effective teacher.
I’m the captain of the swamp trolls sometimes yet guess what? I’m a damn good student and teacher!
Why? Cause teaching comes from caring. Not Lulu lemon.
I divulge this personal information to you because:
Just because you don’t look like a cheerleader, doesn’t mean you don’t belong in the yoga room. Get that type of nonsense out of your head. To be honest, you need it more than Barbie.
 When I came to the yoga mat at 23 years old. I hated it. I thought it was the worst. That was a vinyasa class at Holy Cow in Charleston, SC. Respect for that hilarious studio name.
Yet, the only things I enjoyed about my sister dragging me there was that an elderly woman farted in class and I had to hold my breath so I could contain my laughter.
Also, my sister fell asleep in savasana and I left her there for a bit. That was also amusing to me, cause i’m not mature.
My muscles were stiff and painful. I could not do any of the things the teacher was telling us to do.
I couldn’t even sit comfortably on my knees.
 I was all set.
Back to running on the beach and doing crunches in my living room.
When I moved back to New England a year later, I decided to give the Bikram Yoga studio a try. The heat got a little more appealing to a poorly flexible human who was back in New England during the cold dreary winter.
I fell in love.
I fell in love with repairing my body. Repairing parts of my body that I had assumed would always be the way they were.
Painfully tight.
The heat soothed my muscles and I learned to relax in that hot room.
I learned how to effectively calm myself down.
How interesting.
Patience, persistance, commitment, focus, determination.
Come to change your body, leave with a changed mind.
Be weary of your initials judgements.
Just because I don’t look like a ballerina, doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass in class. Actually, I can do it so much better. Mostly because I had a big lunch!
Long story short, don’t not do something because of your perception of it.
At least, try it out for yourself.
I always say:
If you want to be a runner, run.
If you want to live longer, do yoga.
If you want to feel better, DRINK MORE WATER.
Be really bad at it. Be super awkward. Fart in class and blame a neighbor.
But always try.
Otherwise I don’t want to hear your nonsense.
There is truly no such things as being bad at yoga.
Oh, and the very best part is, it helps me be a  better Mom.
 I mean not to beat a dead horse on here. But I did give birth to two 10 lb babies 12 months apart. The yoga had to have played a pretty serious role in how I could have possibly carried those monsters and DID NOT HAVE C-section either time.
You get what i’m saying?
 and more importantly,
yoga is magic.
Good self care = happy people.
Happy people = better parents
Better parents = Happier kids
Happy kids are the best.
At least that’s how I see it.


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