Spreading Kindness Around Like It’s Confetti.

The month of May I decided to join KINDNESS IN DEMAND on the #didsomething campaign.




Each month Kindness in Demand will launch a new kinds initiative under the #didsomething kindness campaign umbrella. May 2016’s kindness initiative will be focused on the homeless.

So I jumped in.

I was asked to make a blessing bag. A blessing bag is a gallon Size ziplock (or equivalent) bag filled with essentials (ex. toothpaste, toothbrush, hand sanitizer, soap, nutrition bars, socks ect.) to be handed out to someone in need. In your blessing bag, please also include the provided print-out note that reads. “BECAUSE YOU MATTER.”

It was insanely easy. Then just keeping it with you in your car makes it so that if the opportunity ever presents itself, you can help someone. I highly suggest you try it.

So many homeless people are war veterans, suffer from mental illness, or abuse. People are so quick to judge, “Drunk.” or “Drug addict.”  they say.

It’s 2016… It kills me how many people don’t understand. Alcohol is the self medication of a larger problem. Depression, abuse, low self esteem, whatever demon you dance with.



Most importanly, throughout this experience it reminded me of how important it is to teach our kids to be kind to other people. It’s what makes the world go round. I’m thankful now as an adult that my parents had my sisters and I do girl scouts. It is the place I learned the most useful skills as far as being a good member of the community. We raised money, we sang at nursing homes, we learned to be resourceful, we visited places in our community, and so on and so on.

Now you can have your kid involved in your church, girls scouts, young marines, community service club, ect.

But more importantly, you can start right at home! You can teach them that being kind can be an every day event. It doesn’t have to be some massive organization involved. It can be as simple as doing something you love, then giving it to other people.


Teach your kids that you don’t have to be wealthy to be charitable. Sometimes all people really want is your time.

If your kids love to do art. Send art to those who may need their day brightened. Check out this company that I found. They have taken all the work out for you and your kid gets to learn how to be a good person. Every one wins.



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  1. We’re so happy you’ve joined the #DidSomething campaign! Great post and we can’t wait to hear about your overall experience. Keep throwing that confetti!!! 😀

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