Space-Saving Ideas For the Kids’ Bedroom


Designing the children’s bedroom can be a real headache sometimes. Part of the trouble is that there never seems to be as much space as you think there is. Every time you go around to sorting it out, it seems to have got smaller. A lot of people simply give up at this early stage, frustrated. But that is not necessarily the best way to go about things. The truth is, making extra space in your childrens bedrooms can be much easier than you might have thought. All it takes is a little imagination – and, yes, some hard work. Provided that you plan ahead and start early, there is no reason you can’t easily transform that room in the space of a weekend. If you are wondering how to achieve such a feat, then read on. Here are some top tips for saving space in your kids’ bedrooms.


Use The Right Bed


It might sound basic, but so often space is wasted because of the wrong bed. Often, parents are guilty of giving their children beds which are, frankly, far too big. You obviously want your children to be comfortable in their own room. But that doesn’t mean that you have to adorn them with a huge bed. In fact, you can get hold of smaller beds without sacrificing any comfort whatsoever. And when it comes to creating space, there are few more effective methods. It is all about using the right bed for the right room. If you have triplets, invest in some cool triple bunk beds for children. For twins, a normal bunk bed will suffice – don’t waste space on anything more.




Create The Illusion Of Space


The fact is, a lot of the space-creating can be done without making any real changes to the room itself. As with most things of this nature, it is very much psychological. You might be surprised to discover just how much it is in the mind. To find out, consider following this piece of advice. Make the room seem more spacious with a couple of simple steps. Firstly, paint the walls a light colour. This makes it seem as though there is somehow more air in the room. Similarly, hanging up a mirror does wonders for making the room feel much bigger than it is. There is no need to feel that you are short-changing your kids, here. As long as it feels more spacious, it is doing the job.


Be Clever With Your Storage


Finding suitable storage space is something many people struggle with – not just parents. However, with kids you have the added difficulty of trying to find somewhere for all those toys. That’s why it pays to be a little imaginative with your storage solutions. If you have a bunk bed, that’s great – these can often be used for storage as well as sleep. Also consider investing in some functional furniture with in-built storage.


Scale Down


It is amazing how many parents forget this vital point. When it comes to designing a room for your children, it should go without saying that the scale is smaller. With that in mind, you should be aiming to buy furniture which is suitable for your child’s needs. Too often, you see adult-sized furniture lying around in children’s bedrooms. This is nothing more than wasted space. To really make the most of your kids’ space, adapt the space to suit them.

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