Some Mom LOVE for Your Special Day

 I don’t know how people parent without a sense of humor. It’s like being an accountant and being terrible at Math. It just seems like it would be a very hard. So let us not forget to laugh at the chaos. The days are long and can be challenging. So you should laugh. The years are short so therefore you should also remember to laugh with your kids every day.  Forgive them quickly. Hug those kids tighter even as you feel them wiping boogers on your shirt. The years are short. I blinked and now my baby will be two in July. THIS BABY is now saying “Oh, Hi Mama.” and “Poop dog poop poop poop.”
So laugh, embrace, and then laugh some more. On this Mother’s Day, my gift to you is the following funny quotes/poems/thoughts/feelings that we can all relate to. Love all you Mamas. Most importantly learn to laugh at yourself because you don’t need to worry so much, you are doing a great job.


























MOST IMPORTANTLY, always remember…
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