I love my siblings. If you’ve met us, you know this. They are hilarious and they own a silly piece of my heart that no one can ever take. We live geographically away from each other due to dreams, lives, and living. Yet, the revertigo is instantaneous.

I’ll catch you up quick…

One day Court & I got twins. I was 3 and I hated them.


Our cat kept jumping in the babies cribs and doing all this weird stuff. Therefore, my Dad took the cat to his cousins farm about 10 miles away to live with the other cats at the barn. My Dad told a very crushed Court & Britt that the cat ran away.

Well, then the cat walked home from the farm 10 miles away. Court & I jumping up and down in excitement. Yay the cat is home! My Dad being like… You’ve got to be F-ing kidding me…..

I love hearing stories from my Dad about my childhood now. Now that we are pals. I get to laugh with him. It is one of my favorite things.


The good news is that i retracted my premature hatred and decided these guys weren’t so bad.

We read on the white couch. EVERY. SINGLE.NIGHT.





Then in a blink of eye, we started to grow up and become people.



I was with them the first time I saw some of the world. This is us at Chichen Itza,the mayan ruins.

We called it “chicken pizza” all day and it was awesome.


People got degrees and awards


We laughed a lot. 


I mean, who else would you want to call to give good news?




So I’ve loved these people for-ev-er.


Mostly because, when reading that, they all got the Sandlot reference.

But also because,

I have played 5,356 card games with them.

I slept in the same room as them for 15 years on Christmas Eve. Not to bond. But to make sure no one got out to the presents before you. It was like keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

I have shared a bedroom with each of these people. 6 family members. 3 bedrooms. 1 bathroom. Uhh.. Ya we are close.

I shared a tree fort with these people.

I have lost state tournament basketball games with them.Well one of them, but that was more of an age requirement. I would have loved for 7th grade Abby to have played on our team.

I have wept at cemeteries with them.

I watched our parents marriage dissolve with these people.

I have punched them in the back of the head when they didn’t buy me a big mac at 3 AM.

I have cheered for these people.

These are my people.

So just when I thought I couldn’t love this rag tag group of misfit toys anymore…



I got to watch them love my kids….






Which is better than I could have ever imagined.



Therefore, every time they leave I end up sad yet THANKFUL.





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