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 I’m turning 29 next week.
So that only means one thing…
That I have a lot of weddings and baby showers to attend.
Tis’ the season.
Now I have already done this wedding song and dance, and then I baby showered it up. People were overly generous and it was pretty beautiful display of how many sweet human beings we have in our life. Because of these experiences I definitely like to share info about amazing businesses/vendors/people who made all that stuff possible.
My “satisfaction guarenteed list.” No pressure! Haha.
So I figure I’d condense it into a reference list on here for both myself and all you party animals. 

To give as a gift 
for a baby shower:



If you don’t know what to get someone for a baby gift. Order one of these. Every one has to hose off their kids eventually. Ben prefers to wear his during story time as well. So it’s a super comfy towel that doubles as a cape. Every body wins.

To Photograph all the Memories:




To work out my bod 
and relieve my stress:

1024 Main St.

West Barnstable, MA 02668

Only go here if you like happy people all jacked up endorphins. I leave Bikram and I feel so good it makes me want to just give random people high fives. It’s the best thing I ever did for my body.

To make everything look beautiful:


124 Rt. 6A Sandwich, MA

Invitations, Decor, Gifts, pillows, furniture, everything beautiful.

To clean my house when 
I think I may lose my mind:

Hannah Canelos

To Jam Out With My Kids:
We dance.. A LOT. Sometimes Ben takes his pants off while playing the Bongos. You never know what will happen.
Locations in Falmouth, Sandwich, Harwich, and Plymouth.

To have something catered super Cape Cod style:


Catering anything can ring you in such a big bill. I got quotes from some places and I was just like, “Damn. I don’t like my friends and family that much.” Hahaha. Seriously. SO EXPENSIVE!! But Clam Bakes Ect. was so reasonably priced and the food was delicious. At 4 AM I was sitting in my wedding dress eating a whole bucket of clams with Abby. Josh’s cousin Brandon was like, “hey Brit that’s pretty gross.” and I said, “This is still my day. Avert your eyes if you have a problem.” I definitely did regret all the clams 20 mins later when both your sisters are jerking your body around trying to get you unhooked and out of your wedding dress. Josh quit after like 2 mins. Eventually every one knows what to do in this situation… “Hey Stacey we need you.” Captain of all bridesmaids ever to the rescue.
I’m thinking of using them again when I have my family reunion camp out at my house this Summer. Maybe having them do the actual clam bake pit. Fun. Well and delicious. And of course my FAVORITE part is that they bring everything and clean up everything. That is my Christmas. When I don’t have to clean up. It’s really the little things in life.

To make you BEAUTIFUL:

68 Tupper Rd Unit 10
Sandwich, MA

Relaxing, accommodating, Owner is the type of person you meet and instantly you’re like, oh we should definitely be best friends. 






Bay state tent and table was the only company that I found that would put a tent up out on the beach. Not only did they do it for me and make my wedding dream a reality. They were SUPER accommodating, friendly, and fun! When the tent went up about an hour later the people in the beach house next to us wanted it moved 20 feet to the right. Because it wasn’t “to the right enough” for them. Haha. Ahhhh… People have no life. The tent guys moved everything and made it all happen very smoothly. They made everything seem like no big deal so therefore I didn’t worry about anything.

Thanks for helping me make the beach my reception hall.
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