Taking care of yourself means changing your habits. Habitual behavior we learned for years and years does not go away overnight. That’s just how we are wired. The good news is, that with long term dedication and consistency, you can change ANY habit. This i’m sure of.

The best habits you can teach yourself are self care habits. Taking good care of your body ripples through your entire life. I hear so much talk about diets and I don’t get it. Why not just try ONE thing first. Por ejemplo: Challenge yourself to drinking warm water when you wake up for 21 days. EVERY single morning. Warm water first. Sometimes I do Lemon ginger tea. Do not drink coffee. Do not shove left over pizza in your mouth while you get the kids milk. Wake up. Drink warm water for the first half hour you are awake. IT MUST BE WARM. This is scientifically proven to kick start your digestive system.

If your body is your vehicle, this is your gas station. Don’t say stupid stuff like… “I can’t even FUNCTION without drinking coffee first.” or “I gotta eat, cause I gotta get dressed, and to work by 6:30 am. Too busy just can’t.”

STOP that.

You are a intelligent, productive adult. You can do anything you set your mind too. So don’t dismiss it just because it inconveniences your regular morning routine. Because that means you are just proving my point. You do what is habitual to you. Well, this month decide you are going to challenge yourself to a new habit.

People really underestimate the power of small changes in your daily routine. Taking a 1 mile walk every single day would change your life.

To quote Bruno Mars.. “Don’t believe me…. Just watch.”

Watch what happens when you start to take care of yourself.

Spoiler alert: You can take even better care of everyone around you.

I saw this list on Pinterest from a blog called Soul-Warrior and needed to share it. I couldn’t have made a better list myself. Great tips to give care to all aspects of your life.

It’s my favorite lesson my Dad ever taught me. “Don’t apologize for liking yourself. And if you don’t like yourself, then you should probably make a change. Work hard, always. But then on the time you earn to yourself, you better enjoy yourself.”


Namaste, mic drop.


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