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When I was 15 months pregnant with Ben it was June and hot. Since it was our first human, I had no other responsibilities in my life. I just had to go to work and then lay in my air conditioned bedroom for the rest of the time. Well leaving sometimes to get in the tub or to forage for veggie sticks. Therefore I read TONS of books. What to expect when your expecting, Bossy pants by Tina Fey, All the Chelsea Handler books, Ellen’s book, The Fault in Our Stars (that was a mistake to do while pregnant!), Something Borrowed… and on and on..

I know what you are thinking! Wow Brit, pretty deep education shit you are reading? I know right? But you can only read so many baby books before you need to laugh and not read any more baby books. I couldn’t read about war or sadness because my hormones were always howling at the moon. Just crying in my bed at night like a big sloppy mess.

So I had to keep it light! Read books by people who remind you what’s important in life and to not take yourself so seriously.

Then a great thing I happened. I stumbled into the world of books by Mom bloggers. They were the answer to all my fat beached pregnant asses prayers. Not only were they hilarious, I started to see pictures painted of what Motherhood could really be like.

Not what my Facebook friends have said. Which is that mother hood is a magical adventure full of professional pictures and gold medals. When actuality Motherhood is a battle, people get hurt. Motherhood is also beautiful and hilarious. So you have to laugh, or you’ll cry.

Some of these Mom bloggers made me laugh so hard.

In particular, Jill Smoker



and Nicole Knepper



They both made me laugh so hard at their stories yet feel the love they have for their kids at the same time. I knew when I started my adventure as a Mom blogger that I wanted to do what these women did for me. Made me laugh when I was sad. Made me quickly understand that the sooner you accept that it is going to be hard, the easier it gets. That you have to laugh at yourself and you have to figure out how to roll with it. Motherhood is not easy. Nobody should tell you it is. But it is beautiful and it is hilarious.


Therefore today is really exciting for me! I feel like such a nerd writing that, but it’s true. My post got put on the¬†Scary Mommy¬†website! How cool to have contributed something to what inspired me to start writing again in the first place!


Check it out!! Realistic Mom Selfies

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Last but certainly not least.

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