Scary Mommy Instagram Takeover

Scary Mommy Instagram Takeover

Scary Mommy Instagram Takeover

I have been guest posting on Scary Mommy for a couple months now. It’s been great. The Scary Mommy community is definitely my demographic. It is filled with hilarious and very real Mom’s. People who adore their kids, but don’t pretend every day is sunshine and unicorn farts.

 I got the opportunity to take my hat off from being @Somebodys_mother and got to take over @scarymommy yesterday! Thought I’d share my takeover with you fine folks on here. Incase you don’t live in the Instagram world yet.

Scary Mommy Instagram Takeover hello scary

your somebodys mother

aw mommy im sorry you are tired, just kidding


my face when people ask when im going to have a baby


i stopped looking for the light

I only wanted to team up with Scary Mommy because I find there community positive and supportive. There will always be internet police, professional grammar corrections, judge judys, and political correct mandators. Personal, I think people who go on the internet and comment mean things to strangers is not someone I can identify with. We probably won’t be friends.

All the pictures I posted the comments were so POSITIVE! Not that I was throwing up offensive stuff. But seriously, the internet is a weird place. It was awesome to share and laugh with other parents.

 The only comment that made me laugh was someone only left the word “you’re”. I thought maybe it was pertaining to my website written out at the bottom of each meme? I was like dammit! I thought of that when I was making the pictures. But there is no apostrophe when you type it into the internet search bar. So I figured I would write it out exactly how it appears when you type it in to find my website. Does that make sense?

Well it’s what I went with. But the grammar police showed me. What a strange thing to sign online and only leave comments correcting people’s grammar. Like you are a self appointed mean English teacher for everyone. Either way, we will just agree to disagree. But definitely don’t come read my blog. I bet all of you have found grammatical errors or sentence structure that didn’t make sense. You have to remember, I’m a real person. A real overtire Mom who is sitting up past her bedtime writing down all her crazy Mom thoughts. You better believe I have gone back and been like, how the F did I not see that? Haha. I need an editor. Sometimes my Mom brain fire too fast and my sentence get far too long. What can ya do!


The only other person I offended during my time as the scariest Mommy was a woman who did not like that I referred to the drug lord as Mexican. She felt drug lords could be any heritage. I will go ahead and agree with her on that. I’m sorry my Mom pal, I only joke to make the Mom who is up at 3 AM alone with a rude baby can laugh. Next time I will use “Canadian drug lord.”

I don’t mean to offend. I love everybody. Your race, gender, religion, sexual orientation really has nothing to do with the screening process of being my friend.  Only that you can take a joke.


happy 4th july

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