Role Model Time

This is a picture of my friend. For the sake of the blog, let’s call her Anastasia Beaverhousen. You know, Anastasia like the princess and Beaverhousen… like where the beavers live.
(Do you get that reference? If you do, you can definitely sit with us.)
Well, old Anastasia  would never brag about herself. SO I will do it for her. Because #1 she is my person and #2 she inspires the crap out of me.
The picture above was taken this week. Anastasia and her man friend are standing on the highest point in the lower 48 states. On the top of Mount Whitney in California.
I’m proud of you dudes. You are impressive people and I’m happy that you are my friends.


As lifelong wing woman to this lady I have heard this phrase said to her literally hundreds of times. The scene is always the same.  An old friendly face from high school or maybe an extended family member at a reunion type gathering. It typically goes like this…

“Anastasia Beaverhousen what have you been up to?”

Then Anastasia inserts…

“playing basketball at college”
“studying abroad in Spain.”
“delivering babies in the dominican over spring break”
“living on the beach in Charleston”
“surfing around central america”
“getting my masters”
“moving across the country”


“Must be nice” says the old friend.

Now, any one who has ever said this means well. But it always makes me laugh a bit. People tend to use a tone that would imply they could never do any of these things. Do people not know that they can do anything they want? Your job doesn’t own you. Your kids would only benefit from doing more cool shit. Ya, maybe your circumstance makes it so you can’t get up tomorrow and take off into the sunset. Welcome to be a parent. That doesn’t mean you can’t start saving $10 bucks every week and make a solid long term plan.

No one paid a single dollar for Anastasia to go to college. No one even offered much guidance or emotional support while becoming an adult. Our parental unit was divorcing and battling each other in martial thunder dome. Sometimes they were even the opposite of helpful. She was set free into the world without anything but drive and confidence. I guess she just realized much younger than most, that YOU are the only person stopping YOU from doing anything.

She is living proof that you can do anything when you decide what you want and then work your ass off. But also, that you can have fun along the way if you make a plan.

So I’ll share a few of the things she has taught me as I tagged along, along the way.. 

Don’t be the victim of your circumstance
It matters so little where you came from and so much more where you decide to go.


Good habits, good habits, good habits.
I just read “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. This book is basically about how all successful people have one major thing in common. They have good habits. They are self aware of their habits. Basically, that every little thing we do builds and either leads us in a positive direction or a negative direction. Life is not luck. There are no quick fixes. It’s all about makes small good choices every day.
I couldn’t help but think of Anastasia the whole time I was reading it. I was like damn her and her consistency and self discipline. The Beaverhousen taught me that you should eat pizza and drink beer. But she also taught me you should eat kale and water, water, water. Be healthy 95% of the time. Treat your body good daily. Then when the opportunity arises to have something delicious, do that too. Moderation will solve all your problems.


Love people even when they are unlovable. 
Loyalty and other shizz like that.
Many people in Anastasia’s family have forgotten to pick her up at the airport. She still loves us anyways. She doesn’t give up on people. I’m forever thankful.


Good for you, not for me.


I know this because I spend an excessive amount of time on the phone with her.

Anastasia doesn’t care that you don’t travel. She doesn’t think any less of me because I spend 75% of my time trapped in my own home nap battling my spawns. She doesn’t think you should be doing what she is doing. She is just a believer in that you should be doing what makes you truly happy. If that means see the world, then go see it. Even just a little bit at a time. If you want to have babies, then do it. She will come snuggle them and love them like they are her very own.


Vent your problems, 
then let them go.
Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.


Exercise, Exercise, Exercise.

Make time.

You aren’t too busy to exercise. You aren’t too busy to see your friends. You aren’t too busy to learn new things. We are all busy. Don’t get so busy make a living, that you forget to make a life.

How lucky am I that she is my person?
And there is nothing she can do about it. Muahaha. Well I mean we have had a 29 year run. Mine as well keep it going.


Good work dudes.

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