Repeat After Me: This in no way affects my life

Open up my newsfeed on Facebook.
Caitlyn Jenner.
Get in my Jeep to drive Ben to day care, turn on the radio.
Caitlyn Jenner.
Arrive at work, have small talk with co-workers.
About Caitlyn Jenner.

First of all Cait. Can I call you Cait?
You look like a babe. I wish I was as hot as you. Seriously. You get female hormones and you come out looking hot. I get pregnancy hormones and I come out with a mustache! Hahaha. Seriously tho, Congrats.

Do you feel uncomfortable about Bruce becoming a woman?
Repeat after me: This in no way affects my life.

As SOME BODY’S MOTHER, all I can think about when I hear and read all these things about Caitlyn Jenner is that I want to teach my boys to OPEN YOUR MIND.

Stop thinking you know “the right way” to live.
That’s your first problem.

I know. I know. People will say “Well that’s how so and so was raised. It’s not their fault.” Ya but do they have no urge to join modern educated society? Maybe they don’t. That’s too bad. Because there is a whole world out there.

My mind always wanders back to Freshman year of college. Sitting on the floor of a dorm room like any other at 4 AM. Putting obscene amounts of cream cheese on a bagel. Sitting with the first friends I ever made at college. One friend in particular, we shall call her Penelope for the sake of the story, was sitting with me that night (well, morning.) Now old Penny had on a backwards baseball hat, some sweet cargo shorts, and a blue men’s t-shirt. Now not to throw fuel onto stereotypes, but Pen dog was the college field hockey goalie. Hmm.. So Pen gets real quiet and says, “I’ve got to tell you guys something. I’m gay.” Now with love in my heart and cream cheese on my face, I laughed at her. I smiled because I was happy for her.

Now I KNOW this is a huge moment for someone who has struggled with their sexual identity. But that’s what I don’t like about it. I don’t like that she was probably afraid I’d stop being her friend. Or treat her different. Or judge her. I hated every thought like that. I just want my friends to be happy. What they do in the bedroom, well quite frankly I don’t want to be a part of any of my friends bedroom experiences. Gay or straight. haha Yes, offense to all of you.

I loved her. That’s all that mattered. And because I loved her, I treated her like all my other friends. And I laugh at my friends. We all laughed. Hugged. Cried. We were 19 year old girls at 4 AM. You know the drill.

The details of this night are blurry. Maybe because the night was sponsored by jungle juice? But who can really be sure. I remember her saying, “Well my parents don’t know. When I go home I don’t dress gay.” So naturally my next question was, “Oh do you keep all your good tutus at home?” She replied, “Well I just wear my baseball hat forward and things like that.” I died. We all just rolled on the floor laughing. She says “Com’on guys!! I went to Catholic school.” Then proceeded to throw something at me.

I don’t know your story. I don’t know the details of any ones particular situation. But I do know one thing. I look at these little boys of mine and I only want them to be happy. Life is hard. So my wish for them is that they become HAPPY adults. That they find something CREATIVE to love. That they LAUGH a lot. That they HELP other people. That they take care of their bodies and mental HEALTH. ¬†That they surround themselves with people who make them SMILE and that they are not reckless with other people’s HEARTS.

So to make all those wishes come true it doesn’t really matter IF they marry or not. IF they have kids or not. IF they like men or women. IF they became a woman. WHAT career field they should go to. ¬† WHERE should they live. WHO they should socialize with.

All those blanks are theirs to fill in. I’m here to guide, but it’s their journey.

Be yourself.



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