Preparing Your Dog for New Baby


Everyone’s world gets turned upside down when a new baby is brought home. Now, it’s important as a new Mom to not forget our other creatures that we love so much. More specifically, our dog pals. The most successful way to transition our furry friends to having a baby in the house is to start prepping during pregnancy.

Think ahead for the dog’s sake!
Bringing a new baby home is a large change for any animal. Eventually every one will adjust to the new household dynamics, but why not try and make it as smooth as possible?


  • Prepare him for his space to be invaded.

Touch the dogs ears. Play around with his tail. Toddlers do not know boundaries. Try to get the dog comfortable with a loving invasion of privacy.

  • If the dog’s sleeping arrangment or eating arrangement is going to change due to the new addition. Try and change it during pregnancy.
Don’t wait for baby to show up to start feeding the dog in a separate room that now has a door. Think ahead of how the day to day will run in the household. Instill these practices while you are pregnant so there is less dramatic change the day baby shows up.
  • Prepare yourself mentally that they may possible be very sad. Maybe your dog will lay on the bed all day and look like he is about to record a country album. Maybe he won’t care at all? It’s really a crapshoot.
 The dog of a married couple who got the puppy before they started procreating, is most likely to sulk for a while.
You know the dog I’m talking about.. Not mentioning any names, cough bandit.
Your practice baby. The first creature you kept alive together.
Bandit did not understand why I couldn’t take him walking a couple miles every day. I tried to look up how to say, “this new creature I brought home, tore my vagina and I can’t exercise” in dog language. In the end Bandit just laid on the day bed and looked like his first boyfriend had dumped him for the first couple months of Ben’s life.
  • Have your partner bring home a onesie or blanket that the baby has used during your stay at the hospital. This is a pretty consistent tip any pet specialist would recommend. Anything to make baby and baby dog’s first meet and greet more successful is worth doing. What’s the downside?11063845_10100125003534347_4175338407918012361_n-2
  • Try to give them extra love whenever you get a chance. Try and put yourself in his shoes! This just happened:IMG_5010


The most important piece to remember is that  big life transitions take time.

It took a full year for Bandit to really process that this small person was not leaving. That this was his new life. Don’t worry though! Ben & El Bandito eventually became the best of friends.



by the second baby Bandit thought he was the Mother.



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