The Perfect Gift for any Preschooler You Love

To be clear, no one paid me to tell you to check out this company. It was actually quite the contrary. I sought out this Mom because I loved what she was doing so much.

Therefore, I want to help you out and share this with you as well.

I don’t put products on my blog to make a quick buck. I only put things on here that I use. Products that I believe will genuinely improve your life.

Time to answer the age old question: What the heck do I buy this kid for his/her birthday?


My current suggestion is Polliwog Post.


Don’t be an asshole like my dear sister and buy someone’s kid a howling dog guitar. “Dogtar”

No, I like this idea of the gift that keeps on giving. I don’t know a single kid who doesn’t love getting packages in the mail. It’s like surprise Christmas.



1. Decide which subscription you want: month-to-month, or 3-, 6-, or 12-month advanced purchase.

A monthly subscription helps build a lasting, meaningful connection with your special child. You can skip as many months as you like and cancel anytime.

2. Type your personalized message.

If you order a subscription this message will be included in every card so make sure to keep it everlasting and simple. You may also want to let them know how excited you are for the return postcard they will decorate. Something like “Dear Ava, Grandma loves you today and every day! I can’t wait to see the postcard you decorate!”

3. Sit back, relax, and let us do the stamping, stuffing and mailing.


Good idea. Good company. Happy kids.


“Since our business was built on the premise of bringing joy to children, we want to maximize that joy. That is why for every card delivered, we also deliver a card to a child in need of a little extra joy, such as a hospitalized or homeless child. You can learn┬ámore about this on our Giving page.”


Check out Polliwog Here for more information.



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