Paw Patrol Heads to the Nursing Home

Paw Patrol Heads to the Nursing Home

Are you familiar with the paw patrol? Dogs who you can call in a jam to save the day! “Just yelp for help!”


Well, some of the paw patrol was hanging out at the look out today…


Ryder wasn’t around when the call came in to go trick or treating at the nursing home. Luckily wonder woman stepped up to the plate.

family paw patrol


The pups were ready!



Our mission: To wish every body a Happy Halloween!

paw patrol in nursing home


Sing songs, read stories, make new friends..





Please know that we shouted “Paw Patrol.. Go! Go! Go!…” down the hallways of the nursing home. That Ben told a 95 year old man that he wasn’t “doing good listening.” Oh and that they were so jacked up on candy that Ben did not nap, but did smack me upside the head at one point in the late afternoon. Totally worth it.

So thankful that the Sandwich Partnership for families brings endless fun and learning to all the kids in town.


Keep spreading the kindness my friends!


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