October is Coming

Positive attitude has been a recurring theme lately in my life.
Maybe it’s because I’m really getting back on track health wise.
But I’ve just been in the mood to be Grateful lately.
To express appreciation for those who do all kinds of good stuff for me.
The best way to express my gratitude is by taking care of myself.
If I’m a better me. I can take better care of the people around me.
Makes sense.
I wake up every day and decide to be happy.
I throw affection around my house like it’s confetti.
No one is safe.
Sometimes when I sit on top of my husband and sexually harass him while he’s trying to watch any Alaskan survival show. He will be like, “Ahhh..” And try and push me away because I am blocking the TV.  I always have to tell him, “You know honey, there are worst things in world than being really really loved.”
Then he wraps his arms around me and laughs.
I love his laugh.

With the new school year upon us, the transition is hard on every one. If only we could fast forward through the adjustment period and wake up in October when we start moving like a well oiled machine. But alas, that wouldn’t be real life. Somedays are harder than others to stay positive.

Real life is messy. Real life is your childcare provider telling you that “Please send shoes with Jack tomorrow.” Whoops. Really Mom? You packed everything and the kitchen sink and you forgot to throw shoes in the bag for the baby. Ha ha.. Oh well. Tomorrow is a new day.

The good news is, I get to try again.

Sometimes getting a two and one year old out the door alone in the morning is like playing the Amazing Race. Well at least that’s what I like to think. Ya, you pack lunches the night before. Ya, you think you have a plan. But no one can prepare you for the curve balls those little weasels will throw at you during game time.

Transitions cause stress. You know this. You repeat this to yourself. You are learning. You are getting better.

So therefore, I’ve compiled a list of bumps in the road from this week (FIRST WEEK BACK AT WORK after SUMMER. Second child’s 1st week of daycare.) that will not get me down…

NO baby puking down my shirt 10 minutes before I am supposed to be walking into my job.

NO toddler letting out the dog as he walks out the door to get into the car. The dog running up the road like he’s having the best day of his life. You strapping the baby in the car seat at fast as you can, so you can prepare to lay down the law to your rule breaking canine. You yell “Hey B, you want supper?” He comes bolting up the street like he has just robbed a bank. Knocks over the toddler in his war path. You slam the door shut behind him and laugh to yourself.  Haha that sucker thought he was getting supper. Sorry dude I had to trick you. But you were being a real jerk and I have to get to work.

NO woman pulling out directly in front of you while you were driving the boys to daycare. You swerve off the road to miss this nit wit. Your heart is pounding out of your chest. You feel like you might throw up. It was the first time anything like that had ever happened to you since you starting driving your car with such precious cargo. Just when you think you might burst into tears, your crazy intense thought process is interrupted by your toddler clapping and chanting, “DO IT AGAIN! DO IT AGAIN!”

NO babysitter not showing up

NO forgetting a giant bag of delicious vegetables in your car all day at work. Your jeep steamed them for you throughout the day. Barf.

NO amount of sweat you expel while trying to get every one out the door. Or wrestle people into clothes.

NO matter how many days you got all the way to work and sat in a meeting and realized you fed every one but yourself this morning.

NO mouse who has decided to show up in your house.

AND DEFINITELY NOT a three hour appointment at the allergist with a 12 month old.

But there is too much good.

These are just a serious of misfortunate events. It isn’t my life. Just a day to be forgotten.  Because October is coming. Things will get smoother. Silly things will still happen from time to time, but that’s just because you are a silly human being.

There is too much to be grateful for.

So here’s my top 5 best things I have in my life. 
I have to remind myself of this when my mood ring turns filthy brown.


# 1 
These were the complimentary souvenirs I got from the inflatable 5k! Haha. I died when I clicked on the website. I was like really guys? Thanks! Under and up is NEVER an okay angle! I’ll go get me a nice discount frame at Marshall’s and hang that right up.
But hey, I’ve got two legs that run. I’m lapping every body on the couch.
I’m very proud of my body. I witnessed it produce a miracle, twice. I grew a human. I will never be the same person I was before. I am so grateful. I will shake my giggly belly in celebration.


Murder not divorce is what we say. He may not understand how to get his dirty clothes in the hamper 100% of the time, but he is one loyal dude. If you are good to him. He will always be good to you. End of story. We may argue, but we both belong here, together. How lucky I am?



I love all my friendly friends. But specifically this week: my work friends. To work at a  place that is a community. Some of them have baby sat my kids. Many have brought me coffee. All of them make me laugh.




I have great people in my family. I also married into a pretty wonderful group of humans. Do you ever just show up at your in laws house and lay down on their screened in porch and take a nap? Because I do. And it’s glorious. They don’t treat me like I am their son’s wife. They treat me like they got a 3rd kid. It’s excellent.
I love my siblings. My life goal is to win the lottery and then bribe them all to come live in my neighborhood.


Oh, and that Dad. This pic was taken 1 hour after I became a MOM.


#5 and most importantly…
I’m so lucky to be their Mom.


Do your top 5! Write them down quick. 5 best things about your life. Go!
Then look at your list. How much time do spend fueling those areas of your life??

 Is it your wife? Why don’t you surprise her and bring her home wine and sushi. (HINT HINT) Why don’t you take her on a date because it’s Wednesday and you feel like loving up on her. Not because its your anniversary or valentines day. Barf. A little effort people. Goes a long way.
Is it your body? Why don’t you be nice to it? Go for a walk every night for a week. Buy your hair some decent conditioner. Eat green vegetables. Drink so much water.
Is it your kids? Why don’t tomorrow you pick an hour out of your day and devote your entire attention to your kid. No phone. No laundry. No making dinner. Stop multi-tasking for a minute. Just a solid hour of rolling around outside with your kid. Ask them questions about everything you see around you. Give them your undivided attention.
Is it your career? Why don’t you decide on one new goal to work on? Give yourself one year to accomplish it. Don’t be complacent in your success.
Is it your home? Take good care of it. Plant a garden. Hang pictures. Make it your happy place.
Is it your best pals? Start traditions. Drink wine. Tell them you love them. Don’t be too busy for them.
Is it your parents? Remember to thank them. Even though your Dad laughs at you on the phone all the time when you complain about parent stuff to him.
Is it the amount of money you have in the bank? You are probably a tool. Get a hobby. Money doesn’t buy happiness bro.
Is it financial security? Okay I’m a little better with this way of putting it. Becoming more financially secure so that you can take care of your family is noble. Put money in your savings every week.
Is your dog? I do love Bandit. We are currently in a fight though. (See above.) But snuggle your pets. They are certainly loyal pals.?
Is it your boat? Then you are probably my husband.
Is it your right to freedom of speech? Pretty good deal to grow up in a country that has freedom of speech. Some people are not so lucky. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. To stand up for others. To stand up for yourself.

Wow, life is pretty good.

This week has felt like I am perpetually stubbing my toe. I’m constantly making that face you make when you stub your toe. You know the one. You start taking quick angry breaths and muttering.. “bad word. ahhhhh moooother of bad word. eeee oohhhh wow. wow. okay. I’m okay. I’m okay.” You kind of limp away from the scene of the crime. Or the guilty Lego. You just keep walking until the pain fades.

Like stubbing your toe, this week was nothing disastrous. I came out only slightly scarred. But every day will get a little easier. We will get the hang of things. That, I am sure of. Thank goodness I have so many nice people to love me in the mean time. Pretty soon it will be October.


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