You’re Somebody’s Mother the Poem.


You’re Somebody’s Mother

By Britt


My house is sticky as can be.

Everybody has to pee.

I wouldn’t trade with any other.

After all, I’m somebody’s mother.

Somedays I’m smart, wise, and kind.

Tomorrow I may contemplate leaving one behind.

Strangers stop and say, “How cute!”

They are, but maybe not the time one took a crap in my boot.

The days are long, the years are short.

That’s just the truth, no clever retort.

I snuggle my face into the back of their head.

I’ll fill up with love, then realize he’s peeing in my bed.

I promise to protect, love, and guide.

When it’s time for you to grow up, I’ll let you go and put my feelings aside.

Those two boys are what I’m most proud.

I love you.

Don’t think it.

Say it out loud. 

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