Marley & Me

My coworker, Turd Ferguson, could not believe I had not seen the movie Marley & Me. I told him, “I don’t want to watch a movie about dogs dying. I specifically told Bandit that he is not allowed to die.” But Turd said.. “Ya, but this movie is the story of your life. She’s a writer, they get a clearance puppy, the dog is ridiculous, they have two sons, and on and on….”

Hm… well that peaked my interest. I haven’t had much time for writing the past couple weeks. I’ve been familying. Putting time into my marriage. Writing yoga proposals for my school. Trying to raise money for my Avon walk (DONATE HURR). Practicing and studying for yoga class. Christmas shopping. Sister visiting. Sometimes I just lay face down on my floor.  You get the point.

So maybe i’d be inspired? Maybe i’d have a good cry and release some built up emotion that somehow sneaks into the holiday season? Who knows.

Well touche Turd, touche. You rumbled my brain. You made me feel my heart in my chest.

He was right. Every step of the story, I felt a new sensation of our story.

Let’s access the similarities:

  • Her “master plans”


Jennifer Grogan: You’re part of the plan.

John Grogan: Oh yeah?

Jennifer Grogan: My plan… Step 1: Meet an incredibly sweet, smart, sexy man.

John Grogan: Done. Step 2?

Jennifer Grogan: Marry you instead.


  • We did indeed get a clearance puppy.


“As far as dogs go, he was not good at much; but he was unquestionably loyal.”


“There was all sorts of horrid behaviors he did not have. He did not have a mean bone in his body.

He wasn’t much of a barker. Didn’t bite. Didn’t assault other dogs unless it was in the pursuit of love.”


  • PREGNANCY time.



Arnie Klein: There’s gonna come a time very soon, when her ankles are gonna swell up, she’s gonna have blotches all over her face, she’ll be forty pounds overweight, she’ll be throwing up all the time, she’s gonna look at you and she’ll say “You bastard! You did this to me!”

John Grogan: What happened to the glow, you know the…

Arnie Klein: There’s no glow.


  • They have two boys back to back. I know something about that. Having small children is mayhem. Only the strong relationships survive.



  • In the movie they also have a little girl later on after they say “NO MORE KIDS.”

Jennifer Grogan: Hi guys, alright, say hello to Colleen!

Conor: Daddy says her name is ‘whoops’!



Ahh! My vagina just sealed up thinking about it!

Not cause I don’t love kids! I do! I really do! But carrying and those man beasts boys and now chasing them around every morning to put pants on them. I just know that I have enough to take on right now.


  • They have hard times, but they genuinely love each other and want to see each be happy.


Yes, we may have left these people behind..


But what we got was so much more than I could have ever imagined…




  • Maybe we became a family long before we even became parents. Yes, yes. That is definitely true.



“A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his.”


Hook, line, and sinker… It got me all fired up to write again.



“Sometimes life has a better idea.”


Just a solid reminder of how lucky I truly am. But just because I have a great life doesn’t mean I don’t also face hard times. Everyone does. Relationships are hard work, even the best ones. It’s about two people showing up for each other every day. So take a breath, go tell your spouse you love them, and then go hug your dog.


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