How to Fix Your Bad Mood

You having a bad day?

Was your tire flat?

Did someone at work say something passive aggressive to you?

Did your toddler pull your hair?

Did you miss yoga class?

Did your husband wake you up at 5:30 AM to reiterate proper trash removal procedures?

Are the springtime allergies creating pressure on your face?

Is the matching shirt you need trapped in the mountain of dirty laundry?

Does Dunkin Donuts give you the shittest cup in the world, then wants to charge you if you ask for a more sturdy cup to go around your ice coffee.

Is your dog being a jack ass and eating baby wipes then throwing them up around your house?

Or insert your own first world problems.



The truth is, your problems are probably not that big of a deal.

If you are sick, work on a plan to heal.

If you are sad, call someone who makes your happy.

If you are frazzled, take deep breaths.

If you are exhausted, ask for help.

If you are mad, watch cat videos on youtube.


We all are going to have bad days. It’s inevitable. So instead of dwelling on the bad, you have to shift gears and plan your next move. What are you going to do to make it better?


In the mean time. In case your healing will be long journey. Just for today I made a list of things that will make you feel better. If they don’t, you are probably tiny hearted.


Here we go.

Winter is over.¬†Goodbye Winter. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.





Therefore it is time to put winter bad days past us!

Just cheer up my friend and laugh knowing…

Bob Marley is my doppleganger.



This is what I looked like in Middle school. I had 100 boyfriends.



One time we were up at my Dad’s camper in Kennebunk, ME having a family camp out reunion. We got back from the beach and say my brother’s truck in front of the next door neighbors trailer. We were like, Nice Mark is here. But where is he? We figured he walked around the camp ground or something. Didn’t think much of it.

Then an hour later, 21 year old Mark comes walking out of the neighbors trailer. Just in a pair of basketball shorts. No shirt. Clearly just woke up. We all stare at each other.

Then burst out laughing. Mark’s like wait, “This is not Dad’s trailer? I’ve been eating all the snacks and I took a nap.”



Or one time Husband Dearest was a groomsman. The company only sent the black top. So the pre-wedding look was HOT.



CHESTER has a sweater.



This is what my body looks like after having two boys!


You can look like this too! Just send me 99.99$ and I’ll send you diet pills! They may mess with your heart, but you will look SMOKING at that baby shower next weekend.

HEAVY SARCASM IMPLIED. Did you catch onto that? Good.

You still with me? You smile yet?

Okay I’ll try a couple more.

How about a couple of Bandit hugs?





And did you think of this yet???



Don’t feel alone. This is what my brain and the inside of my house looks like every day! Yet I dance on.



Honestly, you are small pancakes in the grand scheme of the world. Maybe you should go outside and check out some nature to change your perspective.


(Photo is of mi hermana.)

Maybe when you do go outside into nature you will take animal selfies. Which are always funny.



Now if all my funny little stories and pictures did NOT make your day better. I’ll try one more thing.


I teamed up with Sweaty Betty for your chance to win a $750 workout wardrobe. Takes 1 minute to fill out the form! Your chance to win awesome work out clothes or sweet yoga pants to chase your children around in.

 Click the picture below to sign up!




Now doesn’t that make everything better?


I think so!


If not, just remember….

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