Leadership Learning Journey

I’ve been doing a learning jamboree around Cape Cod this Winter. The course is about leadership and my community. Today I had to give my 2 minute speech on leadership.

I read this the other night in savasana at the Bikram studio. Today I did it in front of some pretty amazing people that I look up to. Ekk!

This is my speech:


Hello, I’m Britt. I am the Day Camp Director at Camp Wingate Kirkland, Yoga teacher, Writer.

I am also the child of an addict. I tell you this because dealing with emotional trauma when you are little can be painful, but it can also leave you with something I like to call “dark gifts.”

My dark gift is that i’m an EXCELLENT observer. Always scanning, reading body language, facial expressions, energy, what have you.

This skill develops due to the fact that as a child of an addict, shit regularly hits the fan in your life. But your a kid so no one is really telling you what’s going on. Therefore, you start to look for clues. Reading a situation for more than what people are telling you.

In my adult life, I use this tool to begin learning about leadership. I listened to what effective leaders said,  but more importantly I careful noted what they did.

If you said, “Britt, what is the number one thing you’ve come to realize while observing great leaders in your psychological study that no one asked you to do?”

Service? Passion? Gratitude?

No. It’s self care habits. Effective leaders practice their own version of good self care.

You heard me right. Self care is the most crucial element of sustaining being an effective leader for a long period of time.

The martyr jig is up. Don’t brag to me about how much sleep you didn’t get. And yes there will be nights that you get no sleep. Take the kids to school. Fix everything. Cry in your car. Hashtag Mom life.

What I’m talking about is bringing it back to  prioritizing myself and my body. Coming back to refilling my cup.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

All these overworked, “busy”, adults telling me they have no time for yoga.

Yet the people who come to my yoga class are some of the most successful people I know. They shine in a variety of fields and partake in all kinds of organizations in our community.

The truth is these people know that operating at the magnitude that they do requires a ying and yang. Hard work and recovery time.

Taking care of your body and mind is part of being a great leader.

Don’t show me a saint, show me a role model.

In 2019 we are doing a lot of sitting and a lot of consuming negative media via our phones. What a horrible way to utilize our bodies and minds.

As a leader you help people see that taking care of yourself is essential.

Meditate. Drink water. Eat vegetables.Come to yoga.

The self care fuels the greatness.

If you want to create a healthy, strong culture wherever you are a leader. Your business, family, church, whatever your community is. You have to be a role model of self care.

People don’t listen to what you say, they watch what you do.

You have to put your oxygen mask on first. Then you go handle that shit.

Please take care of yourself and thank you for your time.

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