Laughing IS Conceivable

I have always enjoyed reading. From reading James Patterson murder mysteries on days that it rained while I worked at an ice cream stand as a teenager. To reading Tina Fey’s humor way past my bedtime and waking up with the book directly on my face. When I was 23 I lived on a beach in Charleston, SC. Everyday after work I would head out with my beach chair and dove into a unknown world. That Fall I read the entire Harry Potter series in two months.

Now when I became pregnant with our first child, I began furiously reading about pregnancy rules, crib options, safe sleeping practices with babies ect. But in my pregnant anxious quest for knowledge, I stumbled upon something even better. What I found was Mom bloggers. Mom writers. Mom’s who aren’t afraid to share real feelings. Women who could write their everyday stories and make me hear their voice as I read it. They made me laugh and they were so real. It made me more comfortable with the idea of becoming somebody’s mother. That I didn’t have to be perfect, I just had to love them.

It quickly became part of my nighttime ritual. Park my pregnant ass  in bed with my Scary Mommy book. Laughing along with the chaos and challenges that Jill Smokler would come across. It was a calming sense of support. Eventually when I started my own blog, I started to find other hilarious women who speak of exactly what I am going through.


My latest lady crush is Lori Shandle-Foxlaughing1

who is a humor writer and former stand-up comic. Her latest book, Laughing IS Conceivable: From “End of School” to “Back-to-School”, had me cracking up. It made me stay up too late, knowing that I would pay in the morning by hearing toddler shouting at 6 AM. Just one more chapter….

Laughter is conceivable final Back to School cover -2 

Did I mention that she is the mother of triplets? Because this fact alone is fascinating to me. My boys are 13 months apart and sometimes I feel like I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. So getting to peer into the window of a home that has triplets is a dream come true for my nosy ass. I mean first month I can only assume someone is awake at every hour of the day?

So not only is she super Mom, she’s funny while she does it. She makes you laugh but you also know how much she adores those kids. Feeling a connection to people is one of the most important things in life. I read this book and wished she could come over and hang out with me on my deck. Tell me more of her Mom tales and prepare me for the school aged children I will soon have.

You can find Laughing IS Conceivable: From “End of School” to “Back-to-School” by clicking the link and purchasing it from Amazon. (Amazon Prime you are my best pal.) The book can also be found on Nook and Kobo.

If you still can’t get enough, you can check her out on her Laughing IS Conceivable humor blog:


SO READ ON MOM! Don’t you dare say, “Oh I wish I had time to read!” People make time for what they want to. You deserve to carve out some time to laugh, connect, escape, and listen to someone else’s story. This is an ebook which means you can read on your phone if you want to. It’s not long. You can laugh while you sit in the car and wait for dance practice to end. You could read it as you wait to be called at the doctors office. Read it to be reminded that you are never alone in this crazy adventure that is motherhood.



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