Kicking Cancer in the A$$

Sorry if foul language offends you. I just feel like if any one deserves crass language it’s cancer. I don’t have enough writing skills to portray my hatred toward the disease.

The disease that plucks people from our lives who deserve so much more time.

Cancer stole my Nana.


We didn’t get to say at her funeral “she had a long good life!

We just all sat in silence. Frozen. Unsure how to move. I was 7 years old.

The glue that held us all together.

The person who made everyone feel like they were the most important person in the world.

I swear if you ask all 10 of her grandchildren, we will all say that we secretly think we were her favorite.

She taught me how to love people for who they are.

How to make people around you feel very comfortable being themselves.

She brought me to meet my brand new twin baby brother and sister with my dress on backward.

Completely zipped up in the front.

The encounter is being video tapped. I’ve watched it many times.

My Mother says, “Mum! Britt’s dress is on backwards.”

Funny because she wasn’t my Mother’s Mom. She was my Dad’s. But if you married her son, you were her child as well. She welcomed people into our family with open arms. I always remember my Mom calling her “Mum.”

Nana says, “She wanted to dress herself. I figure she will be a trendsetter.” 

She was funny, but kind.

When my parents were getting divorced, I was 18. Sometimes I would just lay in my bed and think about how long ago I would have gone and lived with her if she was alive.

When my cousins come down to camp in my yard every Summer. Cause that’s how we roll. There is always comments about how my house reminds them of our grandparents property is a way.

I don’t think I did that on purpose. Yet knowing enough psychological crap and watching endless hours of TED talks would lead me to believe that somewhere int he back of my mind, their home was my happy place.

Therefore when I got married and started a family. Why wouldn’t I build it to be  what I consider my happy place?

This is my new happy place.


LONG story short, if I can help any kid have their Nana for more time.

Then i’ll walk!

I’ll badger you on social media for donations!

I’ll use my children’s cuteness as a weapon and sell lemonade!

Potty Training War

I will get my friends drunk and raffle off prizes….

For the children!


DONATE $39 dollars. 1 dollar for every mile I drag my ass around Boston.

I am most definitely going to be jumping on the back of duck boats for a quick life up the road.


Alright, I have to go. My COACH IS STRICT. 

But I needed the best, so I got Superman.



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4 thoughts on “Kicking Cancer in the A$$

  1. Britt, cancer stole my Nana too.

    She was my favorite relative and though she died in her 90’s (we Buckley’s are a nasty-tough breed), she was also suffering from Alzheimers at the same time.

    …so pain PLUS not knowing who was desperately trying to care for her.

    Nana was my friend, and growing up, we were even smoking buddies.

    She was the one person who would always tell me like it was and when I tried to step out of line, I’d know it, because I went from ‘Jaime’ to, ‘Little Shit’.

    But I always knew Nama loved me…though she did forget how old I was at times and tried to set me up with her 20-something co-workers at the clothing store. I didn’t mind–but they always seemed to be ‘busy’ when the found out I was only 15.

    Go figure.

    Loved your article.

    Big fan.

    …oh, and Britt?

    Keep building the ‘Happy Place’, cause I’m doing it too.

    We need more Happy Places…cause eventually this world is gonna try and rip them all down and we may need a refuge for one another.

    You Burbanks are welcome at MY camp anytime. =)

    Talk to ya soon, little sister.

    1. How do have so much in common?! AMAZING! Let’s make the world a happier place! Well, and a more hilarious place. Thanks for your support, as always!

  2. I loved your Nana. As a small child she would look into my eyes and call me love” and melt my heart. I called her aunt Judy.

    I loved her house. I loved her dogs.. I have wanted springer spaniels my whole life. Princess and tramp I think. Longggg time ago.

    Her laugh was infectious. My parents were best friends with your grandparents. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Thank you for writing this beautiful blog so I could remember this lovely lady.

    Brit I KNOW she would be very proud of you!

    1. Thank you so much for saying this! She will always have such a precious piece of my heart. I know she was young when I died, but I already knew how much she touched others lives.

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