It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want to.


You would cry too if it happened to you!

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I like birthday’s.

Sorry that I’m not sorry.

Well I like surprises. I like to plan them. I like to receive them. It’s always a good time to be kind to someone else. Then throw your kindness on them when they least expect it.

I like bouncy houses.

I like adventures.

I like that it gives tightly wound people permission to loosen up.

I like games. I just don’t get to potato sack race as much as I used to these days.

I like dancing.

Here is a photo of me dance battling my Dad:


Here is a photo of myself and a couple of guys that I met when they were born, doing the Bernie:


Now I know I’m supposed to be an alleged adult. I do adult responsibilities day in and day out. It’s fine. Growing up is fine. I actually like being an adult better. I was never good with the people telling me what to do. I am not a bad bird, but I am a free bird.

So when the opportunity presents itself to have fun. I never mind. I like celebrations. I want people in my life to feel special and to feel important. I also like to feel special and important.

Therefore, I like birthdays.

I’m an adult so obviously I’m to go to work that day and adhere to my life responsibilities. But why can’t birthdays be celebrated? Why is everyone so grumpy when they grow up? If you don’t enjoy social settings, then it wouldn’t make sense for you to have a birthday party. But why not do the things that you like to do? Everyone’s day should be different. Why not take a day to do something you love or be with people that you love?

Recently, my friend Sassie and I were chatting about birthday fun at work. Now, I share an office with a guy named Benny the Jet Rodriguez. Cassie exits the office and Benny looks up from what he was working on and says, “Britt, are you planning your own surprise birthday party?”

Hahaha NO! Ummm..  I just have a lot of opinions and thoughts that I sometimes have to share outloud. Hello, that’s why I have a blog!

ANYWAYS, In honor of me becoming 30 years old (Which I guess means I am not old and I am not young. I’m officially a medium human.) I figured I’d throw it back.

Here are some highlights of Britt’s birthdays past:




Then the tom boy grew up…


Then she actually grew up..



Watch out 30, I’m only getting better.

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