Instagram vs. Camera Roll

 So much sharing your life through a filter.
Oh Instagram.
Don’t get me wrong, I do it too.
I love slapping some Valencia on a picture while I’m waiting at the doctor’s office. I was pregnant for two years. So ALL I did was sit at the doctor’s. When I wasn’t sitting at the doctor’s I was laying on the floor with a baby under a year old.
So ya, every once in a while it’s fun to post some cute pics of this creature and share with friends and family.
You know let everyone know, “Hey it’s Britt! I know I haven’t made it out of my house past dark in like 3 months. But I’m here and alive. OH and check out how cute my kid is! I know!!”
Some days I miss the good old times of the disposable camera. You know when you went on that 8th grade trip for school and your Mom gave your 4 disposable cameras so that you could end up with five good pictures. They are blurry, they are silly, but they are real.
That is why my advice to people planning weddings is always to put the disposable cameras on the tables. Ya your professional pictures will be gorgeous. But I promise when you look at the pictures you have to take to CVS to print. You will love the way these cameras captured what was really happening. No 20 tries to pick your favorite picture. Just people  you love being people you love.
 Sometimes I hear people talk about how social media can sometimes make them feel bad about themselves. Because other peoples lives seem so glorious. I find that to be ridiculous. You are a level headed human being. You know that everyone has good and bad times.
Now this is officially the age of PROFESSIONAL PICTURES OF EVERYTHING!
Don’t get me wrong. I love it.
But everyone needs to stop taking what they see on the internet so seriously.
 I love looking at beautiful pictures of people I love. I also enjoy awkward engagement photos A LOT. Most to the fault of the guy. Sorry guys.
ANYWAYS, I figured I would come clean and share some of my Instagram pics vs what type of pictures are actually on my camera roll of my phone. S
o the first picture shows the picture I posted on Instagram and the second picture would be a picture that you would find next to it on my camera roll.
Life is funny. Enjoy!
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Instagram vs. Your camera roll
The first picture as a family of four!
Instagram vs. your Camera Roll
Dad moments before your wedding.
Instagram vs.Your camera roll
The night you got married.
Instagram vs. Your camera roll
The day you became a Mom.
Instagram vs. Your camera roll
The day we brought Ben home and I retained so much fluid my face was hard. Ahhh Ya I think we shall just post a picture of the baby for this occasion!


Instagram vs.Your camera roll
Before your older sister gets married.
Instagram vs Your camera roll
Snuggling Bandit while pregnant
Instagram vs. Your camera roll
Start of the third trimester of your first pregnancy. First picture: Cute in a dress for the selfie. Next, In your bathing suit so you can text this picture to your friends and say “Oh man I just had a big lunch.”
Instagram vs. Your camera roll
My due date- July 4th!
Instagram vs Your camera roll
What being a new Mom looks like 
Instagram vs My camera roll
Hanging out with my dog.
Instagram vs. Your Camera roll
 My bachelorette in New Orleans
Instagram vs. Your camera roll
Traveling with my family
Instagram vs Your camera roll
Baby hanging with your friend. Cute one on Instagram, followed by trying to grab things that don’t belong to him.


Instagram vs Your camera roll
Birthday cake eating, pre puke.
Instagram vs Your camera roll
Making Christmas cards is really the holy grail of this fun activity. On Instagram it’s Ben reading to his friends. On your camera roll it’s Jack fearing for his life.

Instagram vs Your camera roll
Ben being a kind big brother first! Then it’s me giving Ben the heisman on my camera roll. Don’t worry no babies were harmed by toddler kicks in this photo. But we have about 100 close calls everyday.
Instagram vs Your camera roll
Gosh look how happy and beautiful that farting angel is in the first picture. (Photo by Catie McDade photography, as usual!) I must post this on Instagram! And then comes Poop face on the camera roll to save so you can send it to your sisters when you disagree with something they say via text.
Instagram vs Your camera roll
You and Your sisters at a wedding.


Instagram vs Your camera roll
A Dad being there for his son, no matter what. 
On instagram we are spending the day at the beach. On my camera roll Ben is getting his cat scanned. I can’t go into the room cause I’m pregnant. So Dad takes charge. I may not share a photo like this at the time on my Facebook page. Because everyone who needs to know what’s going on already knows. Don’t worry, Benny bird is just fine. They just had to scan his cat.
Instagram vs Your camera roll
Such angry crustaceans. Too funny not to share! Sometimes I do share the blatant truth.
HAHA. Sorry boys!
 Just because I don’t share some pictures on my Facebook or Instagram at the times doesn’t mean I am pretending my life is perfect.
It’s just that sometimes I save the bad news for friends who are in person. That way I can receive my hug.
Sometimes we aren’t in the mood to post a picture of our double chin and I think that is our right as free Americans.
All I know is I love a good classic beautiful picture and I love the realness of a candid blooper of a photo.

All pictures tell a story, and our story happens to be my favorite.

Oh and who am I kidding. I post embarrassing photos all the time! In the words of Amy Poehler “There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.”


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