I Want My Boys to be Surrounded by People Who Inspire Me

Today my life long childhood friend posted this video of her husband.

Who happens to be a glorious human.

My mind started to wander about what type of people I want to surround my kids with.

Click the link below. Read his story and watch the video.

Inspiring as shit.

Blue Cross Video

My only critique of the little commercial video clip is that I did not show up anywhere in the footage of the wedding.

I mean how could the camera not want to tape a sweaty 9 month pregnant woman in August?

 But my point is, I want my boys to be around people who are brave like Harlan.
People who don’t collapse when the going gets tough.
They stand up and fight.
At some point in every one’s life you will face some type of turmoil. Some type of great pain.
It is unavoidable, but surrounding yourself with people who don’t give up hope.
Who trust other people to help them.
Those people become survivors.
 I like that my boys will know someone like Harlan while growing up. I like people who have large hearts. I know his is big because I can see how much he loves my friend. I never have to worry about her. We don’t need to hang out all the time. We can check in via Face book. But I’ll always know that she is loved and taken care of.
It’s a powerful thing when you can watch someone looking at their wife and you can tell that they love them, just from their eyes.
Congrats homies. Welcome to the family, Harl.
Still not happy that I didn’t make the commercial. I brushed my hair that day.
My favorite picture from the wedding. Yes, he is a very tall man.
 Oh and here is a picture of me at 11 pm the night of Harlan & Stace’s wedding.
9 Months pregnant.
Locked out of my hotel room.
Can’t find my husband.
So tired from dancing to a variety of throw backs like N’SYNC and Missy Elliot. I mean it doesn’t matter that you are the most pregnant person on the planet at this point in time. Your body gets up to dance like you are Bernie from Weekend at Bernie’s.
You know you will pay for this later. You don’t care. You are sick of sitting.
Plus its a variety of bridesmaids that you were once a girl scout with, team mates, and even your sister. So by 11 pm you are trying to crawl your way into any bed.
Alas, it turns out your husband was out in the parking lot drinking beers with your California brother and he has the hotel key.
You think about murdering him.
You decide that would be too much effort.
Luckily your sister comes by to take this photo of you in your misery. And she drunkenly says “You may not think this is funny now. But one day we will laugh at this!”

Congrats again you filthy animals. Proud to call you my people. xo

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