I Have a Person

I have a person. Today my son is 3.


My baby is gone



and a person showed up.



You know I invented this Facebook game in my mind:

You open a bottle of wine and then you scroll your Facebook newsfeed. Every time you see someone post picture of their kid with a caption like “Where did my baby go?” or “Where did the time go?” “or “Please, stop growing!” you take a swig.

You must drink twice if any person starts a post with “I don’t usually post stuff like this, BUT…”

How do you win the game you ask?

I don’t know if it’s called “winning” per say, but the game ends with you eating Fritos in your bed in your underwear, listening to old Nsync songs on youtube and you most definitely fall asleep with your make up on.


I joke. But it is true. They grow up very fast.


One day someone tell you a baby is inside your body. I was certain I was growing a Shy guy from Mario on N64.



Blink your eyes twice and you are reaching down and pulling a giant beast child out of your own lady business.



Then bing bang boom… A kid shows up one day at your house.



He loves to play outside


He’s a good big brother.


He is a person. He has developed opinions, stubbornness, humor, and terrible dance moves.



This person walked into my bedroom the other day after I got out of the shower. His angel face looked up at my naked body and casually stated to me, “You’ve got Bandit hair on your penis, Mom.” Then walked out of my room.


I had no words..

(which doesn’t happen often!)


Yes, a person lives in our house. A curious, silly, irrational, funny, happy, active, mouthy 3 year old has entered our lives. I couldn’t love him any more.


Happy Birthday to the person who made me grow up. The person who gave me the title of “Mom.”



“No one else could know the strength of my love for you. After all, you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.” 




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