I Cheer for You.

I am a competitive person by nature. I thrive in athletic competition and love any type of game.

I have been known to cheat at board games. My family regularly audits my scores when I talley them. I’m not proud of it. I just get all wound up.

High on laughter and competition. No one would be able to predict where my impulsive tendencies could lead me. Is it my problem that my siblings are too busy pouring themselves another glass of Sunny D to pay attention to what I rolled?



One thing I can say about myself that I am really proud of at 29.9999 years old, is that I genuinely feel no competition towards the people I love. I’m thankful that my family instilled this in me. That you should cheer each other on.

So I now apply that to all aspects of my life. If you are my friend, I’ll do whatever I can to help you succeed. I mean, i’m not that skilled and I don’t have much money, but I can make a kick ass inspirational poster if you need one.

No matter where your life goes. I’m rooting for Ya! Just know that.


If you got married at 21 and had kids at 22. Good for you.

The older I get, the more I realize the age number you are is very insignificant. Some people are mature when they are 18. Some people grow up around 30. Some people never change. I’m glad you didn’t pass up a good thing because someone told you there is a correct age to get married.


If you want to quit your job and go back to school at 32. Good for you.

A job is just a job. You only have one life. At 19 I couldn’t honestly tell you one career I was driven to. Why is that the best age to go to college? Why would there be a bad time to further educate yourself or change the direction of your life for the better. I’m so happy for you that you didn’t settle.


If you want to spend every second of your spare time at a crossfire facility. Then when you actually go out in social functions, you talk more about crossfit. Good for you.

Sounds good. I’ll listen. I’ll ask you a lot of questions. Hopefully you’ll inspire me to remember that consistency will save your life. I’ll never work out every day. I love working out. But I love doing a lot of things, and finding balance is a 24/7 issue. Welcome to parenting.


If you want to never marry. Live on an island. Don’t join the grind. Good for you.

Send me some pictures of turtles please. Oh, and I’m coming to visit.


If you want to divorce your spouse. Good for you.

“Divorce is always good news. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true because no good marriage has ever ended in divorce. That would be sad. If two people were married and … they just had a great thing and then they got divorced, that would be really sad. But that has happened zero times.” -Louis CK


So it doesn’t matter what you are doing in life. I cheer for you. I may be competitive on the court or while playing foursquare, but there is no competition with the people I love. Even if we don’t hang out any  more. Just know that I always cheer for you.


NOW my favorite thing to cheer on is LOVE. I know, I know. I’m a dork. That’s fine.

But it’s true. I hope all the people I have loved along the way, find someone to share their life with. A companion. A sounding board. Someone you can build whatever life you dream of with.


So today I’m cheering!

Glad that my wild woman beautiful creature friend has found someone worthy of her and the princess. AKA My friend got engaged.

You know the kind of friend i’m talking about.

Someone you grew up with. Someone who watched you make a million mistakes. Someone you’ve shared beds with and canoed rivers with. Someone you’ve drank a lot of beer in basements with. Someone you have danced on stage with to Montel Jordan This is How We Do, at the Cat’s Meow on Bourbon St. in New Orleans. Someone you’ve shared a twin bed with.

Someone who doesn’t live anywhere near you these days.


Someone who, although we both are much more grown up these days, still owns a silly piece of my youth. Now we both just happen to be somebody’s Mother.



In the end, I’m just glad I know she will be in good hands.


Love you P. Congrats. Give me your shirt.





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