How to be a Postpartum Spouse for Dummies.

One of our kind and thoughtful friends gave this to Josh while I was pregnant. Very cute idea to put in a baby shower gift for the Dad. Funny but really good solid info as well.

 I wanted to share my favorite page from this book for all of you soon to be Dad’s. And also for the Moms to read it and be like “Damn straight.” I ripped this page out of the book one night when I was pissed off and duct taped it to the front of the refrigerator. It lists the following advice for new Dad’s:
Employ and embrace your new mantra:
Happy Mommy, Happy Family.
Being a good Dad is hot. It makes us far more attracted to you. If you want some action, take the midnight feeding.
Read up on postpartum depression. It happens to a notable percentage of us in the first year. If we’re experiencing it, we’ll probably deny it. Be ware of the symptoms and seek professional advice if necessary. Left untreated, it can profoundly and adversely impact most facets of life, including our sex drive.
Be high-octane, all the time. Demonstrate far more energy than us. Be our rock.
Please know that we miss reading, we miss out minds, and we miss stimulating conversation. Don’t stop asking us questions about subject matter beyond the babe. If you’re working outside the home and we’re not, bring us news from the outside world. The more we dwell on the babe, the more claustrophobic and possibly martyr-ish we may feel or become. Keep us thinking outside the box.. the schedule box, the crib box, the diaper box, the grocery-list box. Box us in and watch us wither into asexual Mombots.
Three words: COFFEE IN BED.
30 mins alone everyday with the newspaper (preferably off-site at a cafe with a European vibe) can go a long way. Bear that in mind. You might get lucky.
No commentary whatsoever about
(A) how clothes fit
(B) caloric intake
© Supermodels
If there’s a year to spend money in restaurants, this is the one.
Don’t ask us if we feel fat or bloated.
Remember, we’ve been sucked on, pulled on, and grabbed at while holding a completely dependant human being 24/7. We don’t need another baby right now. Don’t whine about work or how loud our newborn screams. It’s not sexy.
Postpartum haze. Don’t worry. It wasn’t just you.
“Sleep when the baby and husband sleep.” Ahhh.. If only!
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