Here’s a Fun Trick to Play on Your Friends

 Spending a lot more time in your house then you normally would because you have a baby?

Big adjustment.

Here’s a fun trick to play on your friends for your own enjoyment.

1. Invite your friends over for coffee.
2. Dress the baby in a hand me down from older sibling that you used
to announce something on social media.


3. Wait for said friends to notice the shirt.
4. When they ask stop looking shocked to ask “Are you really pregnant?” Say Yes.
5. Take a picture of friends face while they are making shocked face because they can’t speak because they are processing how happy and scared they are for you.
6. Say just kidding! Then laugh.
7. Laugh some more.
8. Accept any curse words that are mouthed at you. Or any slaps on the shoulder you may receive. You deserve it. Still funny!
9. Hug your friends and drink more coffee.
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