Here WE GO!

I have not posted on my BLOG since DECEMBER 3rd! I know, crazy. I had good reasons though! Hear me out:

  1. My friend Johnny helped me out with A  LOT of website info. It’s time to expand and do some cool things on Somebody’s Mother! Get excited. Johnny happens to have a giant brain and has always been one of the nicest people I know. So he hooked me up real good. I’m forever thankful.
  2. I’ve been writing for The Gender Experts pregnancy blog. It’s fun, the people who run the site have been very nice. You should check it out if you are preggo your eggo. Or if you are not pregnant, but just enjoy supporting my endeavors.
  3. I had to make time to spoon my husband more often. It was the holidays after all. I had to make that blue eyed unicorn feel loved and appreciated.

But I’m back with a vengeance!  It’s time to blog. It’s time to laugh. It’s time to make tons of yoga videos for learning disabled kids. STAY TUNED.


So I’ll catch you up on our December at the Barn:


It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


Blake the Elf showed up via red eye flight on a duck


I took Ben to my student’s Chorus Christmas concert and he ran threw the halls of the school yelling “SCHOOL BUS! SCHOOL BUS!” Weaving thru adults around the jam packed auditorium. He finally ran out of steam near a janitor’s closet.


People laughed at me while they broke into my Christmas tree safety fortress.


I chaperoned holiday snow ball dances like an adult.




I spent excessive amounts of time hanging at Logan airport. Putting students on planes to see their families. So I was basically Santa that day. Can you think of a better gift for me to send you?


I decided I have given birth to the Cheshire cat.


We chilled with our bros


I tried to remember to make time to run down the road to the beach. To not let taking care of every one else erase you as a person. Your family if SO important! But you are important too!


People brought us presents. I cried from their thoughtfulness. Being a Mom makes your hormones so crazy that you cry like a weirdo frequently.



My boys worked hard to make sure my house was never clean.



Then we of course Christmas-ed our asses off.




The Dad made this for me and the boys. So we can watch them grow!


Grandad came. So you know every one was having having fun!


Goose & Maverick got Christmas jackets


We hung out with goats & chickens & people who live in Alaska.


10648294_10100145145479727_9109183594169763838_o “GOAT!!!!!!!


We cried when they left. Always too short my pals.




I hope this Holiday season you…

Forgave someone

Hugged instead of complained

Danced instead of sat

Sang instead of texted

Donated something



Happy Holidays from our FAMILY to YOURS!


Oh & MERRY CHRISTMAS ya filthy animals!!


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