Happy National Dog DAY!



5 years ago I was searching the internet for a puppy. I found that many breeders are happy to give you a puppy after you fill out 27 pages of paper, give 15 references, let them spend the weekend at your home, take a blood oath…..

Okay, I jest. I know they are just making sure the animals go to good homes. But still, give me a friggin’ puppy now. I wasn’t interested in getting our dog from a breeder, but I was looking for labs. That was the type of dog my husband wanted. I didn’t really have a preference. So I looked for labs. Some breeders were like um that will be 1500 dollars for this champion super dog. Hmm. Well unless that puppy is wearing a diamond necklace, I’m going with no.

I looked at all the local shelters. Asked the vet if they recommended any websites for finding a pet. I mean, they finally closed all the mall pet stores in my area. Mostly because they are horrifying. Yet, still fun to buy new jeans and pet a puppy all in the same trip.

Eventually I found this guy online. He told me, “I’ve only got one puppy left. He’s no good. He’s the runt. I’ll sell him for a couple hundred bucks, but I got to get rid of him today.”

He’s no good?

Well, now I must have him.

I’m driving into work. I call my BOYFRIEND (now husband life partner). He is fishing an hour away off the coast of Provincetown. I say, “I found a puppy. You got to go get him.” Boyfriend who was still in the wanting to impress me phase of our relationship, drives home and meets this guy off the highway up towards Boston. Picks up the puppy and he is smaller than a 6 pack of beer.



We just had to love him & water him so he would grow.


Because he is a good boy.


He’s always down for whatever.




and will spoon you after any adventure.



Bandit is patient.

10290658_875816719747_1381824499478578035_n1521921_816090496577_2081323055_nphoto 1


and a good friend to have.



Now don’t get too caught up in the Bandit charm. He is a good boy, but he has some flaws just like the rest of us.


He is a bit of a narcissist.


He pouted for the first 5 months of Ben’s life.



He is a bed hog. Often waking up at 4 am to walk circles on top of you. So we said, that’s it! You can’t sleep with us! Now he spends his whole day plotting his way back into our bed. Some days I won’t be able to find him at 3 in the afternoon and he’ll be hiding under our covers. I’m like, “dude it’s only 3. Your going to be in there for a long time and miss dinner.”



At times him and small humans must be separated when you’ve asked them twice to stop licking each other. Ben had really bad reflux when he was an infant. I’d literally have to box out my dog when the baby would start projectile puking. Bandit would run in like he was a wide receiver, trying to open mouth catch delicious baby throw up. Those were days that I would often sit on my floor and be like hmmm… so that just happened.



He is suspicious of everything.



He likes Adam better than me.



but in the end, I don’t know what we’d do without him.




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