Happiest Girls are the Prettiest Girls

Happiest Girls are the Prettiest Girls

Some of my lady friends tagged me in a “Facebook challenge.” It read the following:

“I was challenged. Now I’m challenging you!!! I am nominating you to upload 4 pictures of yourself. ONLY YOU!!!

Then challenge 30+ (if you can) more gorgeous woman to do the same!!!

Build yourself up instead of tearing yourself down!!

Let’s all share the beauty!! I tagged you because you are beautiful!


Happiest Girls are the Prettiest Girls..

Underneath were pics of my lady friends looking happy and free. I confirmed in my mind that the quote from my AOL profile in 8th grade was correct. Indeed, “<3 Happiest GiRLs are the PRETTIEST GiRLs. <3”

So although typically I discourage people from telling me to forward anything online. “Forward this poem to 47 people or you will die tomorrow…” Um, well now I’m still not going to do that but you put the idea in my head that I will most like perish this week.  “Send this to 20 STRONG ladies who inspire you or you will ultimately die alone..”  Well, that’s upsetting because I’m done pooping. Therefore, that’s never going to happen. I got shit to do. (No pun intended…. wait okay, pun intended. I know, I know, i’m slowly turning into my Dad.)

But I liked the message of this one. Build yourself up, positive self esteem, and all that good jazz. Definitely important. So I did it. I picked some pictures I felt pretty in. I looked at them and in the spirit of overthinking, because my mind never shuts off, I asked myself the same question at each picture?


Why am I happy in this picture?


Because swimming makes me feel free.

swimming makes me feel free


Because I had slowly started to travel and see little bit of this beautiful Earth.



Because I love birthdays.



Because he became my home.


Because he loves me even when I yell at him in displaced anger from my children.



Because I knew I was making the best decision of my life.



Alright now let’s move to the next stage of overthinking…

All those photos I picked were from BEFORE I became a Mom. Do I not love myself now? Am I just an old retired ex-babe?

Well, Ya.



That’s probably right.

But I thought of something a little more truthful. I couldn’t find a picture that I felt pretty in since they were born because all my favorites have them in there. The rules said “ONLY YOU” in the photo. Now a days, i’m fortunate that I always have a friend by my side.



ALRIGHT, now your turn. Go pick out 4 pictures that you feel like a pretty beautiful magical unicorn wizard. You don’t have to post them online. Just look at them and say “why am I happy in this picture?”

Remember, self awareness will save you.





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