Girl Power. Happy 95th

AUGUST 26th, 1920.
Three quarters of the state legislatures ratify the Nineteenth Amendment. 
American Women WIN full voting rights.

It has been a solid 95 years of voting. Am I right ladies?
So let us thank all the bad mama jammas who came before us! 
Because every one should be a feminist. The only thing that means to me is that you believe that ALL human beings deserve equal rights. 

If you are a lady..

If you want to stay at home and take care of your family.. awesome!

If you want to go be a successful business woman… awesome!

If you want to travel the world and never settle down anywhere… awesome!

If you want to be the mayor of your town… awesome!

If you want to work part time from home… awesome!

All it means is that every one gets the same rights. Then you go live your life freely. Pretty cool right? 

I think the poet Eminem explains my philosophy on other human beings best…
So LADIES, don’t forget how awesome you are. Be nice to other women. Don’t say things like, “Uhh… I just don’t really get along with other women. I really only have guy friends.” Well, go befriend a woman. Cause they are awesome. You’ll thank me later.
On this anniversary of women’s equality…


















Quick! Burn the bras! Oh wait. It’s past 7 pm. Who’s wearing one?
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