Gift Idea for Your Spouse

Birthday, holidays, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Valentine’s day, Anniversary… Do you ever want to be thoughtful and show your appreciation to your spouse, yet these days always come and sneak up so fast in the blur of life?? Um, ya. That’s called parenting.

So here is a gift idea that I made for my life partner. People have come over to our house and seen it and loved it, so I figured I’d share to help you out. I made my husband a bedtime story to read the boys. It’s actually pretty easy to do in this day and age. Using Snapfish or Shutterfly. Not only do they walk you through it. They also send out coupons all the time for 50% off and such.


Write the story in their voice so they can read it to your children.



Put in facts about where you live or your address. This will help your kids learn them without even realizing it. Just by listening to the story.


Have them practice your last name! Ask them who is in our family?


Have them learn to identify what your house looks like.

Talk about things you love doing together as a family!


Every night Jack says, “Fishy fishy! Oh look and Dad killed a donkey.”



Add friends in there that your kids like to identify!

Don’t forget the trucks!




Then remind them every single time how much they are loved. I think as adults we forget, “My kids know I love them!” That’s true. But they still need to hear it. Out loud. Every day.



Sometimes my husband comes home exhausted and overworked. He joins bedtime with a dark grey cloud hovering over him. He works harder than anyone I know. That’s not an exaggeration. Yet, it’s draining and he becomes short and hot tempered at times. A two year old and 3 year old can really ruffle your feathers. Never mind stepping on your leg and injuring you. Peeing on the carpet in front of you and then smiling. Screaming and running away from you instead of putting on pajamas. Bed time is often the most dream like beautiful scene or the first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan. You never know which one you are going to get.

Sometimes in the midst of chaos when the Dad looks like he is really hanging by a thread. I’ll throw him this book and herd the children toward him.

It’s almost impossible for the four of us to look at this book together and not come out the other side in a better mood. The boys have to identify everyone in every picture before we turn the page. They also give us on going commentary.

“I’m a little baby. I’m so tiny. I’m just so cute.” -Ben,3

“There’s Uncle Alma. I’m going to his house. I see his lawnmower” Jack, 2

“Look Mom and Dad did Marry.” Ben, 3

“Dad will do the shovel. I ride tractors. Dads tractor. Ill drive.” Jack, 2

“We are the Burbanks! That’s my family” Ben, 3


Just like magic. The room becomes a little less tense. We remind ourselves that we are pretty damn lucky. That all the bullshit in our every day life is just that, bullshit.

When it comes to what’s important, we have more than enough.

I recommend you do this. The kids love it. You can super simplify it as well. Just put a picture of someone with their name under it. “Mom” “Dad” “Nana” “Papa” “Bandit” “Auntie Luke.” ect.

You can start the project on Snapfish or Shutterfly and save your project to the website. Therefore, you can take your time and work on it. Then when you save your project, you just look at the emails and wait for a free photo book with any purchase or 50% coupon and then buy it. I got this book made for $20.

It’s important to remind the people closes to you that you appreciate them. It’s easy to just assume they know it, but it’s important to say it.

Out loud.








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