Perfect Gift Idea for Your Kids

Gift Idea for Your Kids

Perfect Gift Idea for Your Kids


My babies are growing into kids. It’s beautiful. Yet, one chore I recently accomplished was clearing the baby life out of our house. Burp cloths, see ya. Pack and play, don’t let the door hit ya. So it all went. To friends. To donation. To the garbage. Yet, a small basket remained in my closet. Full of little onesies and shirts that bring back instant vivid memories of my babies. Shirts that served us no purpose, but I couldn’t let them go yet.

So what’s a Mom to do? Hold onto them and cry into them when they leave for college?

Well here is a better idea…



They are fleecy, warm, perfect blankets for the boys new big boy beds! Not to mention every time I look at them, it makes me smile. Of course, I did not make these blankets. I enlisted the help of Sea Haven Towels.¬†Who happens to be a sewing magician and the person who gave birth to one of the best friends i’ve ever had.

I showed up with two plastic grocery bags full of random baby clothes, she made something for the boys that we will treasure always. Sewing magician!


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