Everyone Knows Your 30’s is Full of Goats

Happy Birthday to me. Today I leave my 20s behind.
I think people obsess over age way too much. I know mature 21 year olds and I know peter pan 40 year olds. The number doesn’t tell me that much about a person.
You know that old saying, it is better to have waited until you were 35 to get married than to marry the douche you dated in college and end up divorced in 3 years.
Is that not a saying?
Well it is now! Quote unquote SOMEBODY’S freaking mother.
Everyone’s so worried about marrying at the correct age, buying a house at the correct age. If you feel like there is a correct age to do anything, I feel sad for you. Mostly because you can’t force life. The more you try to stick it into a perfect little box, the more messed up it will become in the long run. Believe me.
Self awareness will save your life. If you start making choices because they are the right choices for you, instead of what the world wants you to be, you will most likely find more success.
Why are you listening to me though? I’m just somebody’s MOTHER.
So in the spirit of 2016 being sponsored by self awareness and today being my 30th BIRTHDAY, I decided to share 30 Thing I’ve learned in 30 YEARS.
1. Speak up.
2. Say please and thank you.
3. Drink Water.
4. Walk in the woods.
WAIT……. This blog has been interrupted by a birthday surprise.
How do you continue writing inspiration birthday wisdom when your best friend shows up at your house with two baby goats?!
Spending your birthday playing with borrowed baby goats is the best! Seeing my kids happy is the best.
Oh and messing with my husband is the best!
Haha. love you honey.
Party on birthday people.
Well, I guess you get no magical wisdom today. I’ll have to give you the abridged version, which is:
Find a good support system of friendship and love them hard. Be grateful for friends that drive to farms in the rain to borrow some goats to surprise you. Don’t ever take for granted any one who loves you.
Peace out 20s.
You were fun, but I’m much smarter now.
Hello 30s
I’m going to fill my 30s with wonderful and interesting people. I’m going to appreciate the people who make my life better. (Unicorn friends.) Oh and of course I’m going to smother the ever living crap out of my husband and sons with love, because they deserve it.
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