END of a Decade- My Time Capsule



Close your eyes, make a wish.

You are 30. This means you officially understand how fast life goes by. You now understand why when you were a kid, every time an adult who you hadn’t seen you in a while would comment on how “tall” or “grown up” you are. They “can’t believe it!”

As a 13 year old girl your are like, “get off my jock people.” (Is that not how your 13 year old speaks?) Seriously though, your like, ya ya ya I get it. I’m bigger.

Now as a 30 year old woman, I regularly see people’s children and I’m like… “oh my god. I can’t believe how big he’s gotten!”

Actually speaking of kids getting bigger, here’s a game you can play:

Step #1 Get a glass of wine.

Step #2 Scroll your Facebook Newsfeed

Step #3 Take a sip of wine anytime someone captions a kid photo with..

“How did he/she get so big?!”

“Where did my baby go?”

Asking “Where did the time go?”

The game is complete when you find yourself drunk in your bed eating smart pop and watching Will & Grace.

How do you win?

You don’t. Nobody wins when wine and social media is involved.



So you are big & grown now.  That was the point of that incessant rambling example. You are more mature than you were before. Note, I said “more mature.” Not “mature.” Let’s have realistic expectations for ourselves people.

My husband dear threw me a little adult social for my 30th birthday. He is pretty great. But let us not forget that my friend Sassie actually Great Gatsby-ed this event. I always tell my husband, “my friends are the best.” Now he got to see it for himself. You know the old saying, “If you ask a  unicorn for support, you won’t be sorry.” (Is that not a saying?) Either way, friendship on fleek + husband bringing his A game = one very grateful and happy lady.

Love was felt. People laughed. I got to watch my friends not know what to do with themselves because they actually have the night off from chasing their toddler. No one knows what to do with their hands. It’s all you wanted, yet your texting your mother in law to make sure every one’s doing good.

The only thing missing from this love fest was making a time capsule. You know I love a good time capsule. My intention was to make one! Make people write messages, add pictures, and random contraband. Bury it, map it, wait 1o years, then open it on my 40th.

SADLY, I was too distracted by fruity alcohol and a bouncy house. Therefore no time capsule was made.


Finally, I decided I’d just have to do my time capsule on here. It may not be as sweet as a buried box. Yet, it will still make me happy.

So here is what I want to stick in my time capsule from my birthday celebration.


The insane laughter of my children and their Uncle Mark in the bouncy house.  I need to bottle that up. Their screams of happiness are my favorite sound.



This twin sandwich.




This vibe.



This buddha garden statue I recieved for my birthday.


All these cards! Cards are my favorite!


Never under estimate how good you can make someone feel from writing them a quick hand written note.



Therefore, I’ll leave a note to myself to remind future Britt that fun and friendships always have a place in your life. Every day won’t be a blasty blast in adult world, but when you get the chance, you better be enjoying your life. Otherwise, whats the point?





Lastly I’d like to bottle up this husband.


Because when I turn 40 in a decade, there is no one I’d rather have by my side.



Close your eyes, make a wish.




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