Spring has sprung. We finally don’t have an infant! Time to get going on giving our house plans some love!

It’s been loud.


We’ve got walls on walls on walls….

Built by Grandad INC.

















and all sorts of playroom building madness!




Important lessons have been learned. 

For example: If you make sad eyes watching your dad long enough in the digger….


Eventually his heart will melt and he will let you sit in it with him.


Sweet toddler victory.



The unfinished room that is now becoming the playroom is so very exciting! So MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES! Yet, still a little disappointing for me. That empty wooden room has been my Somebody’s Mother official hideout. I would take my laptop out there at night and write. No household chores staring back at me. No husband to flirt with. No distractions. If you know me, you know this is important. I can be distracted by a shiny object or a fun person to play with VERY easily. So sitting on the floor of this empty room with just me, myself, and I. That’s how I started to write.

Then one night I had this  very clear memory pop up from the back of my brain. I used to do my homework in our tree fort for a period of time when I was a kid. Always all makes sense eventually. Long story short, it was how I write.

Now, please understand, I am psyched for our house to become better for my family! This has always been the plan. But now that my “office” is gone, I couldn’t help but start to dream of a Mom cave of my very own.

I see “man cave’s” where men get to have a space of their own with their favorite things. I see play rooms in houses. I see garages for men’s activities. So I started to dream of a writing room of my very own. I mean why do men need a place of their own to decompress and hide from their family? Why wouldn’t the Mom need that as well?

So here is the Somebody’s Mother office day dream. As always, feel free to sponsor my dream.

  • MUSIC SET UP. Speakers. Ample dancing room for spontaneous dance parties. TV- Any size, just needs to be able to play Yoga DVD’s.

Haha. Balls.

  • SERIOUS BEVERAGE STATION. Water. Coffee. Tea. Wine. Crowne & Diet if Mom’s feeling like starting a sing along later. Hydration is key.
  • Light dimmer. I like to be able to adjust my light. At night time I hate when rooms only offer the option of running into the coffee table darkness or seizure triggering florescent light. Dim lights while drink my tea and laying on my exercise ball is how I decompress at night. It’s glorious. If we were getting super fancy, I’d say let’s get a clap on clap off light. I feel like I’d like commanding my lights from a distance. Makes me feel like I’m using the force.
  • MASSIVE built in books shelfs. I love lining up books. When other little girls loved Ariel or Cinderella, I wanted to personally kick it with Belle from beauty and the beast. Singing servant and a library? Yes please! Sign me up.

All four walls would be different.

#1.ALL WHITE BOARD. Manic note writing to my future self here I come!

2. Make it look like a giant picture frame. Then let people write notes in there. Add stickers and postcards that friends have sent from other places and spaces. World map in the middle.


#3. Inspiration quote posters.

11099382_977201219397_3690125134224667930_n 11143128_977199178487_8736610007546582959_n 12043117_10100124343057947_5758206063009735376_n 12063640_10100134423361937_1672059966385658464_n quotequote1quote2quote3quote5


WALL #4. Just painted red. In memory of the girl I used to be.


Soooo…. basically what I’m saying is, do you think 30 is too old to ask your husband to build you a tree fort? I mean. I’m a lady now, so I could call it a clubhouse. Somebody’s Mother’s Clubhouse. Somebody’s Mother’s Wellness Spa. Somebody’s Mother TIME OUT office. Your MOTHER’s CLUBHOUSE. Hey, I’m just spit balling here. Either way, it would be the place I’d write my book.

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