Cape Cod News Team

Cape Cod News team reporting LIVE from Cape Cod.
 Sponsered by people I love, who send the boys awesome presents that make me laugh.


Breaking NEWS:
If you pull the dogs tail, you will have to sit in time out.
Turns out this apple is just as delicious after you roll it across the dirt next to your deck.
Now let’s head to Ben with traffic.



It would seem the car pool lane is pretty crammed this morning. You should probably pull each other’s hair until you figure it out.





Well let’s check out what little brother is up to out in the field.


It seems as though Dad has boarded up all the potentially
dangerous things you would never leave alone.
Have no fear everyone, I will find danger elsewhere.
If Mom says, “watch where you are walking.” Maybe next time you might listen to her. It doesn’t feel good to step on a tractor. 



So this is us signing off. About to have a awesome labor day weekend here on the Cape.





Have a good night every one! 
Don’t forget to get your pets spayed and neutered.


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