Now that I’m officially not cool anymore. I mine as well slap my Mom jeans on and accept my fate.

 I kid. Kinda? Well, anyways. Since I’m not getting crunk in the club these days, I do enjoy a good book. Especially, on the beach. Not that I’ve done this lately, but a Mom can dream.

I always ask people for book recommendations. So I figured I’d share mine. Feel free to leave yours in comments, I would LOVE that.


Great for a plane, even better for the beach. Great for reading a chapter a night and being able to put the book down because they are mostly in an essay type format. You aren’t staying up until 1 AM just to figure out what type of twist James Patterson is going to throw at you. No, these books are just awesome strong women. Funny and not afraid to say the truth. They run with the men. Saturday night live, stand up comedy, their own television shows. The books will make you laugh out loud. Literally.

Tina Fey, Bossypants

Amy Poehler, Yes Please
Mindy Kaling. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?
Ellen, Seriously I’m Kidding 


Confessions of a Scary Mommy, Jill Smoker

Mom’s Who Drink and Swear, Nicole Knepper

I Heart My Little A-Holes, Karen Alpert (Baby Sideburns)

Com’on. Read your kids Harry Potter. Every night at bed time. Read one chapter. You don’t have to tell you friends, but you will like doing it.
Such wise wizards.
I do want to go to Harry Potter World in FL. I don’t think I can wait until my kids are old enough. Looks like a good year to fly down to Florida in the Winter. Leave your children with your Dad. Then skip away to Harry Potter land with your husband and act 18. That might be just what the doctor ordered.
My co-worker gave me this book. She is awesome and exactly the type of woman I grow to be. I probably read this 20x before I gave it back to her. Then I ordered my own copy. It just keeps things in perspective. Remembering what your core values are. What you hope to pass on to your kids.

Very cool and thought provoking stuff.

Journey to the heart, Melody Beattie


Leave it in your beach bag read a chapter overtime you  go to the beach. Read it out loud to your baby. Your baby doesn’t give a shit what you are reading to him. He doesn’t understand English yet. He just wants to watch you say words so that one day he can tell you to get him a snack.

Warning: CRYING behind your sunglasses may occur:

My Sister’s Keeper, Jodi Picoult


I mean the book is always better than the movie. But the movie was just not good. The book on the other hand, worth the read.

Fault in Our Stars, John Green


Cry festival in cryville.

The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks


I know, I know. You’ve watched this movie 100x while spooning your college room mate! The book is so much better though and worth the read.


Something Borrowed, Emily Giffin


Yoga Girl, Rachael Brathen


I’m so glad that my parents read to me every night before bed. Reading well is a skill that will reap benefits in a ripple effect throughout your whole life. Reading before bed has caused my brain to associated reading with a calming down type activity. Something you do as the step before you shut down completely. Step out of your brain for a while and jump into Dr. Suess’.

“Well I’m not a great reader you say. “Waaa waaa..” (How do you spell the sound of crying?) Okay I’ll try, “Boo hoo. My parents didn’t read to me because they had a gambling problem and wouldn’t be there to tuck me in.” Whelp the good news is, that doesn’t matter. For starters you can become a good reader at any time in your life. You just have to read. Then read. Then read some more. Read about something that interest you. No one is saying you have to go back and actually read the required high school reading books. My husband tears through fishing magazines like it’s his job. Perfect!

It’s supposed to be enjoyable. But it also stimulates your brain, so it’s important. It’s like anything else, you have to practice. Don’t expect immediate results. Good things tend to come from hard work and consistency. Think about it.

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